Boris Litvin

Visiting Instructor, Ancient Studies and General Education

: Forrer Language Center (FO) 109


Ph.D., Political Science, Northwestern University (2019)

Research Interests

  • intellectual history, democracy, spectatorship, political representation
  • authority
  • rhetoric
  • media
  • textual interpretation

Select Publications

  • ‘This Hearing Should be Flipped’: Democratic Spectatorship, Social Media, and the Problem of Demagogic Candor,” American Political Science Review (forthcoming).
  • “Authoring Machiavelli: Barbara Salutati, La Mandragola, and the Performance of Political Theory,” in The Wives of Western Philosophy: Gender Politics in Intellectual Labor, ed. Jennifer Forestal and Menaka Philips (Routledge, 2021).
  • “Staging Emile: Audience and Genre in Collective Self-Legislation,” The Review of Politics 81.3 (Summer 2019).
  •  “Mapping rule and subversion: Perspective and the democratic turn in Machiavelli scholarship,” The European Journal of Political Theory 18.1 (January 2019).

Banner photo: Artifacts from Palace of Knossos by Emily Ashe ’20