On-campus jobs

Career Services coordinates all on-campus student employment (Federal Work Study and Student Assistantships). First year students can begin applying on TritonTrack at the start of Autumn Term and begin working in the fall semester.

In a typical year, 600+ students are employed on campus, supervised by 100+ faculty and staff, working over 1000 positions each year in almost every office. Our supervisors prioritize student learning and help them grow their confidence and abilities.

The campus is our career lab

You can be a:

  • Research Assistant
  • Resident Advisor
  • Scene Shop Technician
  • STEM Laboratory Assistant
  • Student Coordinator for the Center for Spiritual Life
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Waterfront Boathouse Shop Assistant
  • Waterfront Instructor
  • Waterfront Wakeboard Boat Driver
  • WECX Radio Station Manager
  • Writing Center Tutor
  • Yoga Teacher

…and more!