Eckerd Together

A roadmap for our return to campus

The liberal arts experience is best when it’s delivering what Eckerd College promises, a high-impact education and interactions between students, faculty and staff that create thoughtful, well-rounded lifelong learners. The constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic have challenged our thinking, but not our resolve to return to campus and continue providing the best Eckerd College has to offer.

Coming back to the 188-acre Gulf Coast campus we call home will be made possible by strong healthcare partnerships, innovative new policies and a sense of shared responsibility for health and safety from every member of the Eckerd College community. We plan to take full advantage of our unique, year-round temperate climate and location to promote safety while also retaining some major aspects of the Eckerd life.

Students have been given the option to continue their studies remotely or join us in-person in phases to ensure a smooth transition into a new learning environment. First year students will return for Autumn Term on August 24-25, and all other students will begin their classes remotely on August 31. Second year students who opt for in-person classes may return on September 24-25, and third and fourth years could be welcomed back by October 22-23. This plan, formed in consultation with experts and physicians while also researching public health guidelines and best practices from other communities, will allow for faculty and staff to be nimble and adjust plans as the situation changes. All returning students will be asked to properly prepare and take necessary precautions while on campus to help protect themselves and others from the spread of coronavirus. 

Sailboat at Eckerd College
Eckerd Together