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Academic adjustments

Fall academic calendar

A revised academic calendar is now available. Please note that classes will be held November 25, which is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Students will be expected to remain on campus during the Thanksgiving break to limit individual exposure to coronavirus and transmission back to the Eckerd community.

  • Block 1: First year students (and new transfers with first-year standing) will return August 24–25 for their in-person Autumn Term class in Block 1 beginning on August 31. First-year students who choose the remote option will be placed in an Autumn Term course designed for remote delivery. All other students, including those EC-ERT students, peer mentors and resident advisors who returned in Phase I, will take classes in Block 1 via remote delivery.
  • Block 2: All students who took Autumn Term and Human Experience last year and any new transfer students coming in at the sophomore level will return September 24–25 before the start of Block 2, which begins on September 28. Juniors and seniors participating in fall and winter sports also can return to campus for Block 2, but will take their courses remotely. All juniors and seniors and those EC-ERT students, peer mentors and resident advisors who returned to campus in Phase I and who are juniors and seniors, will take classes in Block 2 via remote delivery.
  • Module: All other students who opted for in-person classes for Fall 2020 will return October 22–23, before the start of the Module, which begins on October 26.

Autumn Term

First-year students will begin their Autumn Term courses on August 31 rather than August 7.

During Block 1, first-year students will meet with their mentors to discuss and select their remaining three academic courses for the Fall Semester.

Hybrid course delivery

To accommodate students who have chosen to remain remote in the fall, some courses will be delivered in a hybrid format with some students in-person and others joining via virtual meeting. Classes will be offered synchronously based on Eastern Standard Time (EST). Remote students in different time zones should prepare for that or adjust their schedule with the registrar prior to the start of classes. Additionally, some in-person courses will be offered in an outdoor setting. A small number of faculty with health conditions that put them in high risk categories also may need to teach from a remote location.

Winter Term

All students will be expected to take a class during Winter Term in January. First-year students will be enrolled in Human Experience 1. New transfer students and returning students will choose from a variety of Winter Term courses.

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