Eckerd Together

Before you arrive


New students can find the immunization form on their New Student Portal. Returning students, please note that Eckerd College will now require the influenza shot as recommended by the American College Health Association. A flu shot clinic will be available on campus prior to move-in in August. Please review our Immunization Policy.

Eckerd Together Promise and Shared Commitment

As we continue to plan for students to return for Fall 2020, we will ask all students to read and agree to the Eckerd Together Promise, Student Requirements, and Sanctioning Rubrics, which requires that community members adopt practices including frequent hand washing, social distancing, and the use of masks indoors, and outdoors when social distancing is not possible. Students living off campus must take their safer behaviors with them when they leave our campus.

Pre-arrival Testing

All new and returning students who will be taking classes in-person  are required to take a COVID-19 saliva test developed by Rutgers University and administered by Vault Health prior to your arrival on campus. Any associated fees not covered by insurance will be paid by Eckerd College. If your test results are positive, you must remain home until you are free of infection. Students will receive an email with a special code to order a test kit to be sent to wherever they are currently residing. Domestic students should submit the test via mail no more than four days before their scheduled arrival date. Students should make plans to travel after receiving a negative result. All students must sign a waiver allowing Eckerd College permission to receive the results. Students with inconclusive or rejected results will be asked to retest before traveling. (International students protocols and further details are available for review.)


We will welcome first year students to campus in a phased manner August 24 and 25. Returning students will receive further instruction on room assignments and move-in on September 1.

Request accommodations

Students who require special accommodations associated with new campus health and safety policies (i.e. needing professors to wear clear masks because you are hard of hearing, etc.) should communicate with the Office of Accessibility as soon as possible at


Students will be provided with at least three cloth masks when they arrive on campus. Housekeeping staff will be extending hours and implementing new cleaning and sanitizing protocols, but students should bring their own additional health and sanitation supplies for use in their residence hall rooms or on their travels about campus. Students should bring additional cloth face masks to ensure they have enough for one per day between laundry cycles.

It will also be great to pack:

  • A folding camp chair
  • Clipboard or lapdesk
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Comfortable lightweight wardrobe
Eckerd Together