Facilities Management

C&W Services, is proud to join the Eckerd College community as its integrated facilities services provider. Our goal is to support Eckerd College by creating and maintaining a safe, comfortable and attractive environment, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and expertise.

Green Clean

Keeping with our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality and environmentally responsible facilities services solutions

We recognize the benefits and understand that our customers often want a green approach to improve worker safety, reduce waste, cut down on allergic reactions, and improve the indoor air quality for their faculty, staff and students.

The objective of the program is to demonstrate thorough and thoughtful stewardship of energy and resources. Our goal is to take major steps to reduce environmental impacts and protect our workers, using the least aggressive, safest product that is effective for the cleaning task.

Green Products and Equipment

  • Collaborating with companies that offer environmentally preferable products. This includes using:
    • Products and equipment that are rated as Green Seal or Energy Star
    • Concentrated solutions, cutting down on transportation, handling and storage costs
    • Supplies that have labels screen printed on the products
  • Installing mixing stations to ensure proper usage of the chemicals
  • Moving away from petroleum-based to citrus-based cleaners
  • Using low VOC paint products and zero mercury bulbs
  • Slow release fertilizers
  • Purchasing Recycled Materials
    • Office products made with recycled materials (e.g., paper at least 35% recycled)
    • Crushed recycled concrete on the new parking lot
    • Cypress Match Mulch – recycled wood materials
    • Solutions packaged in recycled containers

Green Practices

  • Initiation of a foam cleaning method to decrease use of acidic cleaning products
  • Installation of walk-off mats at entranceways to prevent contaminants from entering a building
  • Use of bacteria to control lawn pests
  • Use of micro-fiber rages and mops
  • Applying a cleaner to a cloth rather than spraying it on a surface
  • Recycling all office toner cartridges and paper, paper, glass & aluminum
  • Use of reclaimed water for irrigation
  • Preventive maintenance program on equipment
  • Controlled maintenance program on all cleaning equipment
  • Utilize a trash compactor to reduce volume sent to landfills and reduce energy consumed on more frequent pulls
  • Mulch plant areas to help retain moisture and conserve water
  • Provide associates in office areas with coffee mugs in lieu of disposable cups
  • Training to ensure proper use of green products

Approach to Sustainability

C&W recognizes the importance of adopting a sustainable approach to business. The company’s focus is on ensuring its sustainability efforts not only contribute to the environment and community but also drive improved returns for shareholders.

Sustainability Program

This program drives internal efficiency initiatives and ensures the company develops better business practices. The company also uses the program to facilitate opportunities to develop and utilize cleaner and smarter products and services with our technology partners and our clients.

The program includes:

  • benchmarking consumption of energy, air travel and paper; (Tracked by Eckerd College)
  • determining our carbon footprint and reporting our energy use;
  • identifying initiatives to limit consumption and increase operating efficiency;
  • working with service providers and contractors to identify areas to reduce our impact;
  • establishing appropriate systems and processes to report on our progress;
  • integrating sustainability initiatives into our strategic planning activities;
  • pro actively and clearly communicating our efforts to our operations globally.

Quick View

Our Carbon Footprint
An important element of the sustainability program includes a response to climate change. C&W has taken steps to assess the energy use throughout campus and identify its carbon footprint as it seeks to reduce energy consumption, operate more efficiently and meet regulatory requirements.

Environmental Management
C&W understands the importance of maintaining high standards of environmental management and developing systems to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. As such, C&W Services and C&W Infrastructure have achieved certification in Australia for their Environmental Management System to the International Standard ISO14001. C&W Infrastructure and C&W Premas have both achieved certification to ISO 14001 in Singapore.