Spring Into Summer

Study in the spring, travel in the summer

Eckerd offers an additional program known as spring-into-summer. Students register for class as part of their spring semester and prepare for travel that commences at the end of that semester. Destinations for these programs are announced in late fall of each academic year.

2018 Destinations

Please come to International Education in Siebert 100 for individual program application materials.
All application materials are due by 5 p.m. Monday, November 20, 2017

Dean’s Certification of Conduct
Deadline: 5 p.m. Monday, November 20, 2017

Spring into Summer Travel Scholarship Application
Deadline: 5 p.m. Monday, November 20, 2017
Award Notifications: November 28, 2017

$500 deposit due Friday, December 1, 2017

Marketing a New Global Venture

Travel Dates: July 14 – August 5, 2018
COST: $5,120

Do you want to explore new ventures and learn to turn an idea into a startup business in only 15 days? This program includes on-campus classes as well as a 3-Week course titled “Extreme Entrepreneurship” which takes place in Europe in the picturesque coastal town of Cascais, Portugal. You will participate in a real-life context, acquiring the skills and knowhow to develop a business idea from the conceptual stage to the market place. You will be mentored by experienced professionals from various business, marketing, IT and design backgrounds while being supported by your International Business Professor. In addition, you will work in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary groups to gain experience in collaborating within a globally diverse business environment.  The program will also include cultural trips and excursions to various sites in Portugal. You will explore Lisbon’s heritage sites, hike a Moorish castle in Sintra, walk around the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Roman town of Évora which is enclosed by medieval walls and visit the wine country in Porto.

Airfare not included. Students must purchase their own plane tickets.

Cultural and Natural Environments of the World: Iceland

Travel Dates: May 31- June 17, 2018
COST: $3,400

Explore the many natural and cultural wonders of the land of fire and ice during this spring- into-summer course. The course will meet during the Spring 2018 semester and includes a two-week experiential tour of Iceland after the semester ends. It will include a 15-day trip around Iceland via a 14-passenger van and staying in Youth Hostels for lodging. You will explore the beautiful rugged volcanic terranes including the Mid-Atlantic Rift expose on land and beautiful active glaciers and glacial terrain. You will experience Icelandic culture and the history. The learning activities will include visiting the Volcano and Earthquake Center, Glacier Lagoon via an amphibious boat tour, hot springs or natural baths, geysers, mud pots, whale and puffin watching, National Museum, Settlement Center, Art Museum, and Viking Maritime Museum. You will explore small Icelandic villages and the capital of Iceland, Reykavik. Limited to 12 students by permission.

Airfare not included. Students must purchase their own plane tickets.

Fulfills Environmental Perspective

Public Memory & East Germany

Travel Dates: May 21 – June 6, 2018 (approximate)
COST: $4,800

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, it signaled the end of the Communist state of East Germany, but the struggle over how to remember the country had just begun.  Since then, East Germany has been portrayed in print, film, museums, and oral histories.  Based on the premise that history is a rhetorical construction, this course considers public memory as a contest of competing and complementary historical narratives, each of which offers a selective and unique representation of East Germany.  Students will consider the how public memory is constructed and communicated through a variety of texts, culminating in visits to sites of public memory in Berlin and Leipzig, including the DDR Museum, the Berlin Wall Memorial, and the Checkpoint Charlie Museum.  Students will also hear from residents of the former East Germany.  Using East Germany as a case study, students will work to understand how the communication of history influences our understanding of past and present.

Globalization and the Environment in Morocco 

Travel Dates: May 21 – June 11, 2018 (approximate)
COST: $6,100

The land and productive resources of Morocco are continually imperiled by global economic forces while farmers and pastoralists find socioeconomic advancement increasingly difficult in a world defined by private property, chemical technologies and foreign capital.  In this course Eckerd students will explore southern Morocco (Atlas Mountains, coastal plains and Saharan region) and live and work with farming communities to gain an intimate perspective into some of the salient daily life environmental issues facing people of the region: inequality and resource sovereignty, modernization and “traditional” cultures, gender discrimination and democratization.  Our itinerary includes homestays, meetings with local NGOs and women’s cooperatives, trekking in the Atlas Mountains and camping in the Sahara desert.  Ultimately, we hope to understand the ways in which rural Moroccans have responded to globalization by charting a developmentalist path that avoids many of the most egregious environmental consequences of modern agribusiness.

Fulfills RSL Requirement.