We embrace and foster a multicultural environment

We help international students integrate themselves into the campus environment, provide support with academic issues as well as legal requirements and promote the understanding of other cultures through social events and programming.

For example, we help you:

  • manage your visa
  • apply for a driver’s licenses or a social security number
  • find employment and internship opportunities
  • answer health care or tax questions
  • organize cultural events

We are here to make your life at Eckerd College enjoyable and your academic experience successful!

Olivier Debure
Director, International Student Services
Fox Hall
Our International Student Guide is designed to answer questions international students may have.

Festival of Cultures

This Eckerd tradition is the most ethnically colorful event each year.

Students from different countries come together to celebrate their cultures through food, music, national costume, native history, etc. All international and American students are encouraged to take part in this event or just enjoy the culture mix! It’s always wonderful to see many cultures under one roof!