Careers in Music

Eckerd music graduates have become successful performers, teachers, music scholars, conductors, church musicians, music therapists, music librarians, arts managers, and recording engineers. The majority earned graduate degrees or professional certificates after leaving Eckerd. Other alumni have entered fields unrelated to music, most notably, medicine and intellectual property law. Faculty mentors, working with Career Services, will help you to choose courses appropriate to any career inside or outside of music that interests you.


Teaching Careers in music education range from offering private instruction in a home studio to working with young musicians in a school setting, to teaching college students in an academic or conservatory environment. In addition to offering superb performance training, Eckerd’s music major provides and excellent background for graduate work in the academic aspects of music and for interdisciplinary graduate work in fields such as ethnomusicology and American Studies. The Eckerd music major also satisfies the academic requirements of most music education and music therapy certificate programs.


Gifted performers among Eckerd College’s music graduates have developed careers as recitalists, opera and musical comedy singers, symphony and chamber musicians, composers and conductors. Others have gone on to produce themselves as singer/songwriters and multi-media artists. Most supplemented their Eckerd training with summer festivals, apprenticeships and graduate study.

Sacred Music

Courses in choral performance, conducting, voice, piano, organ and music history make Eckerd an ideal training ground for a sacred music career. Internships and graduate work are required for the best positions.

More Career Exploration Options

Many music graduates have developed careers in music librarianship, music recording and production, publishing, journalism, arts management, arranging and composing, instrument building and software design. Others have applied the various skills developed by the major to career in business, law, the entertainment industry and medicine.

To take a more in depth dive into what you can do with the Music field of study, current students should check out Career Services’ What Can I Do with This Major? page to explore common career areas students enter with this major, typical employers that hire students in this field, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. Links to professional associations, occupation outlook data, and job postings are also available.