Performance Ensembles

Eckerd College singers and instrumentalists enrolled in any major are invited to participate in our many ensembles.

  • The Eckerd Concert Choir performs a wide variety of sacred and secular music in local concerts and on tour.
  • A select chamber choir drawn from the larger ensemble also performs and tours with the Concert Choir.
  • Wind players and percussionists may join the Eckerd Community Band and one of the smaller groups drawn from the band (flute choir, saxophone quartet, brass, woodwind or percussion ensemble) as well as a Jazz Combo or the Steel Drum Band.
  • String players will find a home in the Eckerd Chamber Orchestra and the chamber groups drawn from it.
  • The Eckerd Rock Lab allows students to participate in rock bands for course credit at the Roberts Music Center. Requires weekly coaching sessions and on-campus performances at The Pub, Kappa Field Days, and Kappa Karnival.

In addition to these groups sponsored by the music department and coached by our faculty, students may audition to join the Tritones a cappella group or join the EC Musicians’ Club.

Banner photo: Nicole Velez ’18

Choir and Orchestra

Berlioz’s “Shepherds’ Farewell” performed by the Eckerd College chorus and orchestra during the annual winter concert in Wireman chapel on December 11, 2016, under direction of Brent Douglas.