Still Thinking Outside

When a pandemic scatters the Eckerd community, the Eckerd community STILL comes together. How? We have ideas, resources and platforms to help you continue to Think Outside—with us. And students, put your creativity and critical thinking to the test! Email your ideas for keeping connected to!

Stay focused

We know you’d rather be on Eckerd’s campus, in your classes with faculty, studying in the library and enjoying well-earned down-time with a South Beach sunset. But stay focused on your academic work! We’ve developed this toolkit to see you through until we can come back together to celebrate our resilience Eckerd-style.

Remote learning tips

  • Create a learning space. Wherever you are, create a space for yourself conducive to learning. Whatever that means for you. Make sure there’s space for your computer or tablet, your textbooks and notes. Hang a “Do not Disturb” sign on your door so that you can study uninterrupted. This will be especially important when taking timed exams!
  • Get connected. Find a computer you can use. If you don’t have a computer, find a tablet. No tablet? Got a smartphone? You’re all set.
  • Embrace integrity. Remember the Eckerd College Honor Pledge and Shared Commitment. It applies to you on campus, off campus, and throughout your life.
  • Be kind. Be helpful. This is new to us too. Those first few days of remote course delivery may be bumpy. We’ll get through it. We’re committed to helping you finish this semester, and we will!
  • Be proactive. Check your Eckerd email frequently. Make sure your laptop is always charged. Keep track of how each professor is handling remote learning, and get a plan together for each class.
  • Ask for academic help. Faculty will have office hours. Take advantage of them! Ask questions, send emails! Call them! Talk to your mentors and your professors. Struggling to get organized? Our academic coaches are here and ready to help! Visit this site and schedule a videochat with them. We’ll get through it together.
  • Feeling stressed? Reach out. We’re still here for you.
  • Stay in touch. Be sure to check your Eckerd email and log into Moodle at least daily for important communications from the faculty and staff.

Stay in touch with friends

Set up a Google Meet with members of your favorite Eckerd club. Practice yoga together across the miles. Have a virtual art show with friends. Start a gaming tournament.

Finished with your coursework for the day? Try Netflix Party, a free app that allows you to watch movies and your favorite shows with friends near and far.

Remember: When you joined the Eckerd community, you were part of a Facebook Group for your class year. The groups still exist! Connect with your classmates!

Read accurate info about COVID-19

For helpful links and information about Eckerd’s response to the coronavirus please visit

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