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Hurricane Irma 9/7/17 1000

Last updated September 7, 2017

As the College staff works tirelessly to secure campus, administrators are also helping the remaining campus residents get to their planned relocation areas. Hurricane Irma’s track has not made any significant changes since yesterday. Faculty and staff who have reported to campus today should be enacting the final phases of the published hurricane plan to prepare their areas for potential impacts.


For those who haven’t yet filled out the appropriate Evacuation Location Form— student or employee—please do so. You must be signed into your Eckerd email account to access these forms. All students should be out of the residence halls at this time. Campus will officially close at 5 p.m.


Meteorologists expect the storm to take a northerly turn on Saturday, which is when we will know with greater likelihood the path the storm will take through Florida. Currently, there are several models that predict the storm will go up the eastern side of Florida, but others still suggest the possibility of a track on the western side. Please be attentive to weather reports and prepare for tropical storm and/or hurricane force winds, rain and storm surge.  


Any changes will be communicated via email, posted on and and tweeted from the @eckerdcs account on Twitter. Please bookmark these sites in your browsers.