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Choose from a variety of travel opportunities for a chance to travel with fellow lifelong learners, from trips curated and escorted by OLLI at Eckerd College staff and faculty, to those arranged by trusted travel agencies and cruise lines. Where will you study next?

View of mountains and sea in Canada

Nova Scotia and the Canadian Maritimes

September 18–26, 2019

Enjoy a journey along the famous Cabot Trail explored by Englishman John Cabot in the late 15th Century. This nine day experience, offered through Premier World Discovery, takes Lifelong Learners on scenic drives and landscapes for an unforgettable journey. Learn more about Nova Scotia and the Canadian Maritimes

Tower in Cuba


November 26-30, 2019

Discover the unique offerings of Cuban entrepreneurs, artists, intellectuals, and private restaurant owners throughout Havana in this intimate and meaningful people-to-people exchange curated by Eckerd College. Learn more about our Cuba trips.