Honors Program

The PEL Honors Program is designed for students who appreciate challenging coursework, are willing to take on in-depth projects, and enjoy discussing complicated material and engaging in scholarly discussions.


  • Have completed five or more courses at Eckerd College by Fall I term and reached sophomore standing.
  • Submitted an application consisting of: an application form, an essay, and two recommendations from PEL faculty members.

Students who wish to be considered for the PEL Honors Program should submit an application to Margret Skaftadottir, the Associate Dean of PEL, by October 1st. Selection will be based on academic performance at Eckerd College, previous academic record, capacity for independent scholarship, and the desire to be part of a rigorous learning community. Learn more about the application process, or apply to the PEL Honors Program.

For further information contact Catherine Griggs, Honors Program Director, Program for Experienced Learners, at griggscm@eckerd.edu.

In Their Own Words

Andrew Latimer

“For those students who wish to be challenged on intellectual, ethical, and educational level, the PEL Honors Program offers that and much more. It was such a joy and a memorable experience exploring deeply thought provoking subjects and then working through those subjects together in class discussions. Each week features a different idea or proposition to stimulate the mind, guided by excellent material and a fantastic lineup of top notch educators. It was by far the most rewarding educational experience I have ever had.”
— Andrew Latimer
American Studies major and member of the PEL Honors Program of 2015

Laura Vineberg

“There is great value in the PEL honors program regardless of your discipline.  The humanities element that is so central to the honors courses added an important layer of depth to my business management degree that I would have missed out on had I not participated in this remarkable program. The 16 weeks I spent with the honors class under the incomparable instruction of Dean Chapin proved to be the most intellectually rewarding experience I have had at Eckerd to date.”
— Lora Vineberg
Business Management major and member of the PEL Honors Program of 2015