Management Major

The management major rests on two principal foundations: teaching management in a liberal arts environment and teaching the general management core requirements that comprise the accepted body of knowledge in the discipline.

At Eckerd College, the practice of management is viewed as a liberal art. The management major stresses developing ideas, problem solving, and communicating solutions rather than the routine and mechanical application of knowledge and skills. The management major emphasizes critical thinking, effective writing, asking probing questions, formulating solutions to complex problems, and assessing ethical implications of decisions.

Degree Requirements

The major consists of twelve required courses, Senior Seminar, and the comprehensive examination course (Business Policy and Strategic Management).

The management faculty has identified a set of interdisciplinary management skills or competencies that students need to acquire, but which do not fit neatly into the boundaries of the core management requirements. These skills build upon related competencies which students acquire in the general education program. These are: critical thinking, decision making and problem solving, negotiating and resolving conflicts, systemic thinking, Information processing, entrepreneurship, introspection, cross-cultural skills and international perspectives, communication, and computer skills. As part of the liberal arts emphasis, the management major addresses individual and societal values as a component of each course in the program.

In addition to these liberal arts-related competencies, students in the management major also develop the following management competencies which build upon the general education program:

  • Management under uncertain conditions including policy determination at the senior management level.
  • Knowledge of the economics of the organization and of the larger environment within which the organization operates.
  • Knowledge of the ethical issues and social and political influences on organizations.
  • Concepts of accounting, quantitative methods, and management information systems including computer applications.
  • Knowledge of organizational behavior and interpersonal communications.

All management majors are required to complete the following core requirements with a C- or better:

Lower Level Courses

  • MN 110S Principles of Management & Leadership
  • MN 272S Management Information Systems
  • MN 271S Principles of Accounting I
  • BE 160M Statistical Methods
  • EC 281S Microeconomics
  • EC 282S Macroeconomics

Upper Level Courses

  • MN 369S Principles of Marketing
  • MN 371 Organizational Behavior
  • MN 377 Introduction to Business Finance or MN 378 Investment Finance
  • 4 Management electives
  • MN 220 Quantitative Methods
  • MN 498 Business Policy and Strategic Management (comprehensive examination course)

A minimum of four courses in the Management major (not including Business Policy and Strategic Management) must be taken at Eckerd College.

Management Minor

The Management minor consists of the following six courses which must be completed with a grade of C- or better:

  • MN 110S Principles of Management and Leadership
  • BE 160M Statistical Methods
  • MN 371 Organizational Behavior
  • EC 281S Microeconomics or EC 282S Principles of Macroeconomics

2 courses chosen from the following:

  • MN 369S Principles of Marketing
  • MN 271S Principles of Accounting I
  • MN 377 Introduction to Business Finance

Career Opportunities

The ultimate goal of the program is to prepare students for responsible management and leadership positions in business and society, both domestic and international. The management major is also designed to prepare the student for graduate school.

MBA Tuition Award at Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University’s H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business offers a special tuition rate to Eckerd College graduates and employees for evening, weekend, and online master’s business degree programs. Beneficiaries may save up to $6,200 on published tuition rates (depending on course formats). For further information visit NSU’s Eckerd Student Portal