Careers in Physics

There is no simple answer to the question “What do you do with a physics major?” unless it is “Pretty much anything you want.” Some profiles of the work and graduate programs of recent graduates may give the best sense of what is available.


  • Engineering Technician
  • Bank Manager
  • Marketing
  • Air Force Officer
  • Software Engineer
  • Peace Corps

Graduate programs that recent graduates (Class of ’97-’05) are pursuing:

  • Georgia Technical Institute, ME, mechanical eng
  • Utrecht University (Netherlands), PhD, physics
  • University of Maryland, PhD, oceanography
  • University of California at Santa Barbara, PhD, physics
  • Florida State University, PhD, physics
  • University of Texas, Austin, PhD, materials science
  • University of New Mexico, PhD, physics
  • University of Oregon, MS, oceanography
  • University of Tennessee, ME, mechanical eng
  • University of Central Florida, PhD, physics

Graduate School:

Jacob Brock (2008) pursuing a PhD in Physics at the University of Rochester

Grahame Vittorini (2007) pursuing a PhD in Physics at Georgia Tech.

Patrick Crotty (2007) pursuing a PhD at the University of Florida

Allison Cribbs (2006) pursuing an engineering degree at Florida Atlantic University

Lance Mosher (2005) pursuing PhD in Electrical Engineering at U. Maryland.

Aaron O’Connell (2005) pursuing PhD in Physics at U. California, Santa Barbara.

Christiaan Mantz (2005) finished a masters in Physics at U. Utrecht, Holland.

Nick Crotty (2005) is pursuing a graduate degree in physical therapy at University of Central Florida

Jamaica Fredericks (2004) Finished MFA at The San Francisco Art Institute, now living in Korea

Cristin Ashmankas (2003) pursuing PhD in Oceanography at U. of Rhode Island and the U. Vermont

Brendan Penney (2003) pursuing PhD in Physics at Florida State U.

Stephen Kottmann (2001) in finishing stages of PhD in Physical Chemistry at MIT.

Logan Lamping (2001) MS in Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech, now in USAF Astronaut Training Program.

Ofir Garcia (2000) PhD in Physics at U. Virginia. Now a product development scientists at Lynntech in Texas

Samantha Moore (2000) PhD in Biophysics at U. Texas Austin, now a research scientist there.

Patricia Anne Alexander (1999) MS in Oceanography at U. Oregon, later research scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, now in PhD program at U. Florida.

Aaron Milton (1998) employed at Florida Progress electric power utility.

Matt Fagen (1998) M.F.A. in music. He now teaches school in North Carolina and is in graduate school in music.

Ben Gilbertson (1998) employed at Center for Academic and Research Computing at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Jessica Allen (1997) now works for the Raytheon Corporation in St. Petersburg, FL.

Chris McLean (1997) a senior software engineer with a consulting firm in Tulsa, OK called Springpoint

Joseph Hickey (1996) PhD in Chemical Engineering at USF.

Mike Brudzinski (1995) PhD in Seismology at U. Illinois, now on faculty at Miami (of Ohio) University.

Angelina Freeman (1995) A PhD student at Louisina State University in Environmental Science

Eric Seiber (1994) PhD in Economics at Tulane, now on faculty at The Ohio State University.

Anna Grace Schroder (1993) MD at U. Minnesota, now physician in Minnesota.

Christina Munch Holland (1993) MS in Oceanography at U. Hawaii, PhD at USF, now research scientist at U. Texas Austin.

Kelsey Jordahl (1992) PhD in Marine Geology at MIT, now on faculty at Marymount Manhattan College in New York.

Claus Beier (1992) PhD in Physics from Heidelberg University

Daniel Oman (1988), MS in Physics and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern Florida. He now works for Agere Systems.

Richard Strilka (1985) PhD in Physics and MD at Boston University, now physician in Maryland.

Ingrid Krucke McConkey (1985) MS in Mechanical Engineering at U. Illinois, later consultant for US Army, teaching at Berry College in Georgia.

Carlos Barbas (1985) PhD in Physical Chemistry at Texas A & M, now Kellog Professor and Department Chair at Scripps Research Institute in San Diego.

Monica Doerr (1984) MD at U. Miami, now physician in North Carolina.

John Poole (1982) MS in Economics at MIT, now CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board of Strategic Products and Services.

Timothy Havens (1980) PhD in Physics at William and Mary, now employed by General Electric.

Marion White (1974) PhD in Physics at MIT, a senior scientist at Argonne National Laboratory.

Paul R. Chaney (1969) PhD in Physics at Duke, MD from Emory, he now runs a clinic in North Carolina

David Fenner (1967) PhD in Physics at Washington University. He is now a Principle Research Scientist at Physical Sciences Inc.

Alumni, please help us out. If you are not on this list or your information has changed email me, Professor Weppner