Overnight Guests

Please note before registering guests:

  • Students are only allowed two registered guests at one time.
  • Students are responsible for guest’s behavior at all times.
  • Guest must provide a valid government-issued driver’s license or governmental issued identification card.
  • Guests are allowed to be on campus for no more than three consecutive days.
  • All guests must be 18 or older.  Siblings of current Eckerd College students, who are 17-years-of-age may request an exception by submitting a waiver of responsibility from a parent or legal guardian at least 48 hours prior to their arrival and gaining approval from the Office of Residence Life.  All other guests who are younger than 18-years-of-age will not be permitted on campus.
  • Any exception of this policy must be requested through and approved by the Office of Residence Life.  Those who violate this policy are subject to conduct action through the Office of Community Standards.
  1. Make sure to read our Guest and Visitation Policy on page 46 of the EC-Book
  2. Online visitor registration