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Luke McKinnon ’15

By Michel Fougeres
Published June 6, 2017
Categories: Classes of 2010-2018

Elie Wiesel and Carolyn Johnston fundamentally shaped the way I see myself in the world. They worked tirelessly to broaden my perspectives and those of my classmates. Together they shared the magical ability to create a sanctuary of love and learning for young people in what can sometimes seem to be an unloving and mystifying world. In large part due to my experience with them, I am working as a kindergarten teacher in my city to pass on the unconditional love and learning they shared with me.

One of my favorite things about Elie Wiesel was the unexpected joy he brought to our community. Upon hearing I was in his class, many people gleefully shared with me that they had once held a door for the little old man. They often described the experience as one of profound wonder. Truly every moment I shared with him felt so amazing.

—Luke McKinnon ’15

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