Accessibility and Privacy of Eckerd College Websites

The Eckerd College website,, is managed by the Office of Marketing & Communications and supported by Information Technology Services. Content is developed and maintained by managers across campus. College news is published online and available via RSS feed.

Additional College websites using other domains are managed by other units and supported by the Office of Marketing & Communications and Information Technology Services.

Privacy Statement

This privacy statement explains the type of information collected from visitors accessing all Eckerd College websites. The data is used to improve website quality as permitted under campus policies or as required by law.

Accessibility Policy

Eckerd Web pages are designed to be viewed by all modern standards-compliant Web browsers, accessible by those with disabilities, and minimally readable by Web-reading software.

The pages are built to conform to the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. In addition, pages are designed to comply with Section 508. Please view our Digital Accessibility policy and read an evaluation of the accessibility support levels for the website from a third-party independent audit.

Alternate Access
To request an alternate format of content that appears on an Eckerd College Web page, please contact our 24-hour Web Accessibility Help Desk by email or by phone at 727.864.8260.

Portable Document Format Files
Some website files are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) and served from the Google Drive file storage service. Visitors can view these files using the (free) built-in Google Drive PDF viewer or download the files for viewing with (free) PDF viewing software from Adobe.

Low-Vision Support

Eckerd recommends using the zoom feature available with modern browser software to increase the size at which content, including text, appears on Eckerd websites. For example, these browsers offer built-in zoom capability:

Eckerd recommends using (free) browser software to view Eckerd websites with customized high contrast color combinations or custom color palettes. For example, the Google Chrome browser offers high contrast and custom color support with free add-ons including extensions such as Change Colors, which allows the user to specify custom color combinations, and themes such as BitNova Dark that permit the user to control the color scheme of the Chrome user interface.

Screen Reader Support for Calendars

Eckerd websites Google Calendars on various pages, such as our public events listing. These calendars are accessible with common browser/screen readers. Keyboard shortcuts are also available after adding our calendars to your personal Google Calendar; click the link at the bottom right corner of our calendars to add them.