A welcoming group of active lifelong learners

Classes, lectures, social life and activities for inquisitive adults interested in intellectual stimulation and camaraderie with like-minded individuals

The Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College (ASPEC) is a continuing education organization whose members come from diverse backgrounds but they share a common belief that lifelong learning is a great way to engage the intellect for the pure joy of learning and to develop new friends and lasting relationships.

With over 40 classes to choose from each week and without the pressure of exams or grades, members find a freedom to explore topics they might have missed earlier. View our latest newsletter and monthly calendar for a sample.

With members who had distinguished careers in medicine, science, law, academia, the military and many other fields, classes become lively discussions as we eagerly share our knowledge and life experiences.

In our zero-stress classrooms overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, learning becomes fun.

Community engagement

In addition, many of our members enrich themselves and our community by devoting their time to local schools, service, civic and cultural organizations. ASPEC is proud to make a difference.

Popular Activities

Exercise & Socials

 If your muscles need a little stretching, we have chair yoga and Tai Chi. How about some more exercise? Try our kayak and canoe group!

Weekly socials, monthly evenings out, holiday parties, frequent theater, concert and museum visits as well as other organized activities enhance the quality of life for adults seeking social interaction and intellectual stimulation outside the classroom in beautiful, culturally inviting St. Petersburg, Florida.

College Events & Facilities

As a part of Eckerd College, ASPEC members enjoy frequent interaction with students and take advantage of the many campus activities like speakers, foreign films, operas and Broadway musicals.

ASPEC members also have access to college facilities like the library, waterfront and cafeteria. Did we mention, Eckerd College has a beautiful waterfront campus?

More activities