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Amy Cazin ’98

By Michel Fougeres
Published May 18, 2017
Categories: Classes of 1964-1999

Elie Wiesel expressed that he loved written letters and was concerned that the sentiment of longing might soon be lost. And that was even before text or social media. That is something I will not forget he said to our class. Thank you [Professor Carolyn Johnston] for doing this and including me. Just writing this and expressing my feelings about him to you are enough.

Meeting Elie Wiesel, and the rare opportunity I had to learn from this amazing soul, remains one of the most treasured gifts and experiences in my life. He had a profound impact on me and has shaped who I am today—from how I mother and teach my children to influencing my company’s culture and the causes we give to and support. It has been an honor to know him, and I will always treasure our time together and “never forget.”

—Amy Cazin ’98

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