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11 reasons to study Chinese language and culture at Eckerd?

  1. The Chinese language has the most speakers in the world.
  2. Chinese is among the official languages used at the United Nations.
  3. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, students who can write Chinese characters score higher in mathematics.
  4. The Chinese civilization is one of the oldest and richest in the world.
  5. China has many places of historic interest and scenic beauty such as The Great Wall.
  6. China is rapidly evolving into a significant economic and political power.
  7. Courses in Chinese can fulfill the Eckerd language requirement.
  8. Courses in Chinese can fulfill the Phi Beta Kappa language requirement.
  9. Courses in Chinese language and culture are a great way to fulfill major requirements in International Business, International Relations, International Studies, or East Asian Studies (as well as minor requirements in East Asian Studies and Chinese).
  10. Designated Chinese culture courses can satisfy the global perspective requirement.
  11. Courses in Chinese open up great opportunities to study abroad.

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Eckerd in China

In addition to Chinese language at Eckerd, we've also sent our choir to China and have a language immersion Winter Term course where students study Chinese language at East China Normal University, Shanghai, while exploring this legendary port city and experiencing first hand the vitality of this dynamic economic power-house of the twenty first century.