A global mindset through inclusive practices

A culture of belonging

Eckerd College provides a safe and brave space that educates and inspires students, staff, and faculty of all backgrounds to spark critical conversations, break boundaries, and challenge stereotypes through enriching and intentional programming, events, and training.

We encourage students to share and value their diverse backgrounds. Check out our brochure for a printable overview.

A positive campus climate

Our Cultural Council works hard to create programming for all students on campus and promote a safe and positive climate that is accepting, respectful and welcoming of students of all identities.

Students share their cultures at a festival

Read a statement that addresses national unrest over racial inequality and the College’s commitment to find ways to advance the cause of antiracism.

Our Cultural Council consists of various student organizations:

Enrichment through intentional programming

Our College Program Series and academic coursework seek to enrich the Eckerd community with ample opportunity to deepen the conversation on inclusivity, diversity, power and oppression.

  • International Coffee Hour
  • Real Talk Tuesday
  • LatinX Heritage Month
  • Black History Month
  • Pride Week


Morgan Harthorne
Coordinator for Diversity & Inclusion Programs
Brown Hall

A larger, diverse community in Tampa Bay

Eckerd is not an island. We’re proud to call St. Petersburg, Florida our home, a city that understands the importance of diversity. St. Petersburg earned a perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index four years in a row and a 2018 study singled out St. Petersburg as the top-ranked city in Florida for promoting the economic well-being of immigrants.

Supporting students of color at Eckerd and promoting change in Tampa Bay

  • We encourage friends to contribute to many scholarships dedicated to black and brown students at Eckerd, including the Walter Walker Annual Scholarship.
  • Voting is one of the ways we can institute real change in our communities. Students are encouraged to visit Studentvote.org to register and faculty and staff living in Pinellas County may visit votepinellas.com to register and stay engaged in local elections—not just national races—because they determine who represents and polices our community.
  • We encourage the support of black owned businesses in St. Petersburg.
  • We ask everyone at Eckerd listen to and affirm the voices of black and brown members of our community. As individuals, we can strive for honest, courageous, and meaningful reflection on our personal relationships to white privilege and systemic racism.
  • Students, faculty and staff must advance the cause of antiracism on campus in small and large ways. We ask everyone to speak up if they see someone using hate speech or being discriminatory and to report offenders to the Office of Community Standards and offer support to the injured community member. Each of us must protect one another and stand as allies in person, not just on social media.
Professor Walker teaching at board

Walter Walker is an alumnus and retired mathematics professor. The scholarship in his name supports black students in the Eckerd community.

Becoming a more diverse campus

Diversity Action Council (DAC)

Eckerd’s DAC, consisting of 20 representatives from among our faculty, staff, and students, helps Eckerd become a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable campus.

Any organization—and especially an educational organization—thrives upon a diversity of backgrounds and experiences among its employees.

  • DAC is working with the Human Resources department to integrate best practices in diversity and inclusion into Eckerd’s hiring process.
  • Eckerd hosted its first workshop on unconscious bias for hiring committees in November 2019 and is expanding this program.

Representatives from the DAC visit with faculty teaching Human Experience, as well as the directors of Eckerd’s Peer Mentoring program, to discuss strategies for creating more inclusive classrooms and an academic environment which honors differences and invites all students to thrive.

The DAC guides each administrative department within the College in developing a goal related to diversity and inclusion. This process invites offices across the campus to reflect upon what part they play in dismantling barriers to access and affirming the value and worth of every campus community member.

Inclusivity training

Faculty, staff and students receive training to support our initiatives to maintain an inclusive community. Trainings include, but are not limited to:

  • BaFa BaFa: a cultural simulation game that builds awareness of how cultural differences can impact us and others
  • Barnga: a cultural simulation game that encourages participants to critique assumptions and operate effectively using cross-cultural communication
  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI, LLC)
  • Microaggressions
  • Safe Zone Training (LGBTQ+ training)
  • Social Identity Development

We also create trainings based on the needs of the campus or any other organization that approaches us. If interested in working with us to bring a training to your organization, reach out to us at inclusion@eckerd.edu.