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Peace Corps | Prep

Interested in a postgraduate volunteer position? Attending Eckerd will make you more competitive.

Our Peace Corps Prep educational experience combines targeted coursework with service-oriented fieldwork designed to make Eckerd students more competitive when applying for postgraduate Peace Corps volunteer positions, Fulbright U.S. Scholarships and other intercultural fieldwork opportunities.

From its inception in 1958, Eckerd College has emphasized global responsibility and citizenship as part of its liberal arts curriculum. As a result, more than 150 of our graduates have been inspired to serve in the Peace Corps or other international development organizations.

We attract students who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Peace Corps Prep provides a multifaceted pathway to focus idealism in practical ways and enhance personal, social, cultural and professional competence.

Eckerd College is only the fifth school in Florida to join the nationally recognized Peace Corps Prep undergraduate certificate program.

History of the Peace Corps at Eckerd College

Banner photos courtesy of the Peace Corps. Very top: Timor-Leste; above: Cambodia

Service has always been a piece of the College mission.

Since 1964, nearly 160 Eckerd College graduates have served in the Peace Corps around the globe. Two members of the first graduating class left Florida to serve the Peace Corps in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Student demand for opportunities to serve was so high the College began giving the Peace Corps Placement Test on campus in November of 1964. Recruiters commenced regular visits to Eckerd College during the Fall Semester in 1965.

Eckerd students also jumped at the opportunity to serve when the Peace Corps designed an 8- to 12-week International Internship program in 1987. Each school in the nation was allowed to nominate one student, and 20 students total would be selected for positions around the world. The College’s first Peace Corps intern, Rachel Wright ’89, was dispatched to Mali.

There were 10 Eckerd alumni in the field simultaneously in 2016–2017.

How Peace Corps Prep works at Eckerd College

In addition to completing a major and minor at Eckerd, accepted Peace Corps Prep students will work with a faculty mentor to select Peace Corps–approved courses, campus leadership and service activities within their areas of study. Successful Peace Corps Prep applicants will need the following:

  • Training and experience in one Peace Corps work sector
  • Foreign language skills
  • Intercultural competence
  • Professional and leadership development

Once a student has completed the requirements, the Peace Corps will award a certificate of completion that can be referenced while applying for postgraduate fellowships at intercultural volunteer organizations.

Applying for Peace Corps Prep at Eckerd College

Eckerd’s Peace Corps Prep program is recommended for rising sophomores and juniors because of the strategic planning required. First-year transfer students are considered on a case-by-case basis.

To apply for Eckerd’s Peace Corps Prep program, students must first meet with the program coordinator, who will explain the application process.

Students will then identify the geographic area where they’d like to serve and choose one of the following Peace Corps work sectors for their focus:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Youth in Development
  • Community Economic Development
Peace Corps recruiter at our service fair

Peace Corps recruiters visit the Eckerd College campus during our annual Reflect, Serve, and Learn Fair.

Questions? Contact our program coordinator at