Writing excellence

All students master the written word

In study after study, employers say communication is one of the most important skills they look for in new hires. No matter what field you go into, being able to communicate with teammates and supervisors is key to thriving at work. To give you a leg up, we’ll ask you to demonstrate writing proficiency before graduation.


A required Writing Portfolio, including four pieces of writing that may have been written for classes, should be submitted the first semester of your junior year.

Intensive Courses

Writing-intensive courses are available in many majors and typically emphasize strategies and practices that can help you prepare your Writing Portfolio.

Student writing on laptop in the library

Writing well pays well

Every year, we recognize our best portfolio writers. Winners receive a certificate, a note on their transcript and a check. Ka-ching!

2017 Writing Excellence award winners:


The Writing Center is open 24 hours each week and staffed by peer tutors ready to help.