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Rahall Communication Center
Eckerd College
Franklin Templeton - FT 235
4200 54th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711

Hours: 4 - 10pm, Sunday - Thursday
Location: Franklin Templeton, room 235, on the balcony facing Seibert

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Rahall Communication Center

Rahall Communication Center

Rahall Center Staff Members

Mallory Akard - Junior from Atlanta, GA

Mallory Akard is a junior majoring in Political Science. Mallory has been working at Rahall since Spring of 2013. Besides being a Rahall consultant, Mallory is interested in reading, chilling, and spending inordinate amounts of time in the library. Mallory is interested in sleep, cheese, and chocolate.

Maya Carl - Senior from New City, NY

My name is Maya Carl and I am a Senior here at Eckerd College, originally from New York. I am a Communication major and an Environmental Studies minor.  Helping people is in my genes, so never hesitate to reach out. My favorite color is turquoise and my favorite animals are llamas. After college, I hope to enter the realm of environmental communication. I am not exactly sure what that entails, but basically I want to teach people and raise awareness about agriculture and sustainable living. Always here to help and listen..

Cory Champer - Junior from Geneva, IL

More information on Cory coming soon.

Jeni Hollander - Sophomore from Saint Louis, MO

More information on Jeni coming soon.

Cassi Lyon - Senior from Annapolis, MD

Cassi is an International Relations and Psychology double major with a Chinese minor. She is also a tour guide on campus, part of the Ford Scholars program and the Eckerd College Comparative Psychology Lab (ECCPL). She has traveled to NYC, San Diego, Spain, and Geneva with Eckerd. Her interests are in international animal welfare, animal-assisted therapy, captive exotic animals, human rights and welfare, and mental health. She hopes to find a career (or a few) in any of these areas. After college she aims to get some "real world" experience to figure out what exactly she wants to go to grad school for! She loves working at Rahall and is excited to be able to help with any and all presentations she has the opportunity to!

Drew Metzger - Junior from Glenwood Springs, CO

More information on Drew coming soon.

Natalie Minor - Junior from Milpitas, CA

More information on Natalie coming soon.

James Patterson - Junior from Dayton, OH

More information on James coming soon.

Christina Rosetti - Junior from Kenneth City, FL

Christina is a Junior at Eckerd College and is from St. Petersburg, FL. Christina is majoring in Communication with a minor in Journalism. She has been a member of the Eckerd College Women's Soccer team for three years. Christina's interests beyond the Rahall Communication Center include writing for the school newspaper, traveling and all sorts of adrenaline pumping activities.

Kira Tangney - Senior from Arcata, CA

Kira Tangney is from Arcata, California. Kira is majoring in Economics at Eckerd College with minors in Spanish and Leadership. Her interests lie in social entrepreneurship, development economics, and international development. In addition to being a full-time student, she has four jobs on campus as a Communications Consultant at Rahall, a Resident Advisor to 36 residents, a Teaching Assistant for Economics, and an Intramural Sports Coordinator. She holds an appointed role in the Eckerd College Organization of Students (ECOS) as Director of Elections/Committee Chair and serves as a member of the ECOS Financial Affairs committee. She has been selected as a member at large of the Eckerd College Academic Honor Council.  Kira also is club head of EC Road Runners and treasurer of the Coalition for Community Justice club.  She works Tuesdays 4:00-7:00pm to help you with your presentations at Rahall.

James Janack - Associate Professor of Communication & Director of the Oral Communication Program

James Janack earned his B.A. in Russian Studies at Colgate University, his M.A. in Speech Communication at Syracuse University, and his Ph.D. in Speech Communication at the University of Washington. He joined the Rahall Center staff in 2005. He teaches courses in oral communication at Eckerd College, including Fundamentals of Oral Communication, Argumentation and Debate, Rhetorical Theory, and Communication Research. His research explores the relationship between political rhetoric and democracy and he has published articles on the rhetoric of Jesse Ventura, Howard Dean, and Barack Obama. When he's not studying and teaching, he likes watching baseball, riding his bike and getting into the mountains.

About the Center

Liberally educated women and men need to be effective oral communicators. Consistent with this goal, The Rahall Communication Resource Center strives to help Eckerd College students develop the skills necessary for thoughtful, reflexive, ethical, and effective communication. Learn more.