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WECX - Greetings Radioland

Four times the music. Twice the rebellion. Half the regret.

WECX - Eckerd College

WECX is the broadcast radio station of the Eckerd College Organization of Students (ECOS). Run by students from the heart of Eckerd College, WECX operates with two main goals in mind. The first is to provide student and (sometimes) faculty-designed programming to the Eckerd community in order to offer a welcome alternative to the monolith of private radio. The second is to serve as a facility for the instruction of students interested in pursuing careers with some form of public communications as their focus.

Of course, the third, less official goal of the station is to cure - once and for all - independent record store anxiety (IRSA). You are not alone. We can help. Exposing yourself to music as diverse as ours can cure your fear of indie record store clerks forever. Bring that translucent red Japanese import of Johnny Mathis' "My Beautiful Balloon" to the counter with pride, friend.

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