Parking Policies & Procedures

Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, the entire calendar year including summer, holidays, and breaks.

All campus buildings, roadways, and parking areas are the private property of Eckerd College; however, all roadways and parking areas are still subject to ticketing by local law enforcement.

All persons and motor vehicles, including motorcycles, mopeds, golf carts, and any other motorized vehicles entering the private property of Eckerd College are bound by all Florida state traffic laws, College parking signs, and College parking policies and procedures when driving or parking on campus.

All parking lots on campus are decal parking. All faculty, staff, and students must register their vehicles.

You can register your vehicle by filling out this online form, then picking up your decal at the Campus Safety Office during regular business hours. There are no guaranteed spaces for a particular parking area. Parking permits are not transferable.

Registration Fee Structure

  • Residential Students: $110.00 per school year, per vehicle.
  • Non-Residential Students, PEL Students and ELS Students:$40.00 school per year.
  • Visitors: No fee.

In order for a student to register a vehicle they must present a valid Drivers License and current Vehicle Insurance

Any vehicle that has received more than three failures to register vehicle tickets may have their vehicle towed at the owners expense.

Fees are not refunded in case of withdrawal or suspension from the College.

Faculty, staff, and student parking is permitted in designated parking only.

Read more about all parking policies and procedures. Copies of the parking regulations are available upon request from the Office of Campus Safety and Security in Brown Hall, 727-864-8260.


  • Residential Students: Students who live in one of the College’s residential facilities.
  • Commuter: Students who are full and part-time who do not reside in one of the College’s residential facilities.
  • Contract Staff:  Individuals who are full or part-time employees of companies who have continual contracts with Eckerd College.
  • Faculty and Staff: Individuals who are full or part-time employees of Eckerd College.
  • PEL Students: Students who are full or part-time students who take classes in the Program for Experienced Learners (PEL) program.
  • Visitors: Individuals who are visiting the College and who have no formal affiliation with the College.
  • Weekend: Friday at 5:00 pm through Monday at 7:30 am.

Disabled Vehicles

If your vehicle is disabled for any reason, or parked illegally due to emergency circumstances, you must notify the Office of Campus Safety and Security immediately (any time day or night) at 727-864-8260. All such situations are subject to verification.


Vehicle operators apprehended operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, in an unsafe manner or involved in major violations of College traffic regulations may have their parking and driving privileges suspended. All violations accrued by any driver operating a motor vehicle will be charged to the registrant of that vehicle.

Parked in Handicap Space$250
Failure to Register Vehicle$200
Failure to park in Freshmen Lot$100
Parked in Trustee Space$100
Parked in Faculty / Staff Area$50
Parked in Visitor’s Space$50
Parked in No Parking/Loading Zones$50
Parking on Grass / Walkways$50
Not Parked in a Marked Space$50
Parking which blocks traffic$50
Parked in a Fire Lane$50
Improper display of parking registration/decal$50

The following actions are violations of College policies and may be referred to the Community Standards for appropriate Conduct Action (Please see Eckerd College student handbook):

  • The illegal transfer of an Eckerd College parking permit.
  • Providing false parking or registration information.
  • Violation of College parking policies.
  • Violation of Florida state traffic laws.
  • Reckless Driving Policy: anyone operating a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner while on college property may have their driving privileges suspended and/or face conduct action. This includes, but not limited to failure to stop at intersections designated with a stop sign, excessive acceleration on any campus road or in campus parking lot, racing a motor vehicle on College property, or endangering individuals in or around the vehicle.
  • Excessive Noise Policy: While on Eckerd College property, students are not permitted to use an audio system in a vehicle to play music at excessive levels. Excessive levels are defined as any level that causes a disruption to the community.

The College is not liable for any damages to or loss/theft to any person’s vehicle while on campus.

General Parking Regulations

Display of Parking Decals/Hang Tags

All student vehicles operated on campus, including those being operated temporarily, must be registered with Eckerd College and have current parking decals prominently displayed on the upper left hand corner (driver’s side) of the front windshield and the lower left hand corner of the rear windshield. Parking decals should be affixed to the outside of the vehicle windshield with the parking decal registration number clearly visible. Eckerd College student parking decals on motorcycles or scooters must be prominently displayed on the windshield or the left side of the vehicle.

Faculty and Staff parking hang tags must be displayed at all times. Faculty and Staff who were former Eckerd College students are required to remove student decals from their vehicle.

Parking Spaces

Vehicles must be parked in a designated marked space (valid white lines on both sides of the vehicle). There are no guaranteed spaces within a designated parking area.

Fire Lanes, Grass, Walkways and Unmarked Pavement

Parking is not permitted in fire lanes, on the grass or walkways, or on unmarked pavement.

Freshmen Student Parking

All Eckerd College Freshmen students must park in the North Parking Lot, South Lot or GMSL dirt Lot.

Non-Residential Student Parking

Commuting students must park in the North Lot, South Lot, or GMSL dirt Lot.


The Upham Administration Building parking lot is designated for Visitor’s parking from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday. This parking lot is open for general parking on weekends. The Admissions Parking areas are reserved for guests of the Admissions office Sunday-Saturday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Handicapped Parking

Individuals who park in designated handicapped spaces must have a valid State issued handicapped parking hang tag, decal, or license plate indicating that the driver of the vehicle requires this type of parking space. Temporary handicapped or special needs parking permits are available from the Florida State Division of Motor Vehicle.


Eckerd College reserves the right to tow any vehicle at the owner’s expense, in incidences that include, but are not limited to vehicles parked illegally, vehicles that pose a safety concern or vehicles that deem to be abandoned, or vehicle that are not registered.

Parking Appeals

Appeals must be submitted by the individual who registered the vehicle. All appeals must be submitted within five business days of the date the citation was issued.

Choose the appropriate form below to get started:

The parking appeal process is designed to assist individuals who have been ticketed in error. All appeals of tickets issued for violation of the College’s Parking policies and procedures must be submitted, in writing, using the online form. Telephone appeals will not be accepted. Appeals must be submitted by the individual who registered the vehicle. All appeals must be submitted within five (5) business days of the date the citation was issued. Appeals submitted after the 5th business day appeal timeframe will not be considered.

Tickets charged to the student’s account cannot be appealed at the Office of Campus Safety. The charge can be appealed through the Bursar’s Office. The appeal process can be found online.