Emergency Notification System

In the event of an emergency involving an imminent threat on campus, which is confirmed by Campus Safety, a member of Campus Safety and/or a member of the emergency management group will utilize the College’s emergency notification system.

The College’s emergency notification system is comprised of:

Text message

All students, faculty and staff are automatically incorporated in the system as long as they provide a current cell phone number to the College.

If you are not a student, faculty or staff member but would like to receive emergency text messages, please follow these instructions:

  • Text ecalert to the number 888777.
  • You will receive a confirmation response text. If you do not receive a response, check the number and the message; if these are correct, please contact your provider about your ability to receive short codes.
  • If you would like to stop receiving messages, text stop to 888777.


All messages are sent to student, faculty and staff Eckerd.edu email accounts.  These messages provide more detail.

Outdoor siren

Alerts individuals of an imminent danger and to seek shelter inside (only used in conjunction with text and email notification).

The content of the notification will be determined by Campus Safety and/or a member of the emergency management group.

These messages are transmitted only during emergencies and are an additional real time avenue of communication.