Eckerd College Emergency Response Team

This student-run team is committed to responding to fellow Eckerd students in medical emergencies.


During the academic year, EC-ERT responds to medical calls received directly or dispatched through Campus Safety or the Pinellas County Emergency Medical System. Remember, in a life-threatening emergency, call 911!

Founded in 2011, EC-ERT has responded to emergencies of all kinds across campus. EC-ERT members are professionally trained emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who work to help keep the Eckerd community as safe as possible. By introducing a reliable, confidential system into the Eckerd community where students can call our personal number, we hope to encourage students to seek medical help who originally would not do so.

Questions or concerns? Please email or call our office at 727.864.7509.
Reduced ambulance calls to campus help students save money, reduce unnecessary traffic congestion, and aid in the conservation of resources.


In order to be prepared for any emergency, EC-ERT carries out numerous drills to test the readiness of its members.

  • No previous experience is required to join the team.
  • Members learn to perform medical and trauma assessments and first-aid skills.
  • Learn and practice large and small scale land based search and rescue operations.
  • Become certified in Incident Command Systems (ICS) and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).


  • Gain experience in the medical field.
  • Work with organizations such as Sunstar Paramedics and St. Petersburg Fire-Rescue.
  • Build strong connections within the Eckerd community.
  • Become someone students can look to in a time of emergency.