Emergency Preparedness

In the event of an emergency or an impending weather event, official communications will be posted below.

  • Change in operations due to novel coronavirus (COVID-19)
    Today, 11 students reported positive test results for COVID-19. At this time, a total of 18 positive students are in on-campus isolation, and 26 close contacts are in quarantine. Contact tracing is not yet completed for the 11 cases reported today. We are choosing to act with abundant caution, focus on containing transmission, and take decisive action now to keep our community safer.

Common protective actions

  • Remain calm and encourage others to do the same.
  • If possible, create distance between you and the hazard and warn others as you seek a safe location or evacuate.
  • Offer evacuation or relocation assistance to individuals with disabilities. If they choose to remain, inform emergency responders of their location(s).
  • Once in a safe location, remain in place until given direction by emergency responders and public safety officials.

Useful Links

Information about Eckerd College cancellations, closings, and openings are broadcast on TV channels WFLA 8, Bay News 9, WTSP 10, and WTVT 13; and radio stations WHPT 102.5 FM, WXTB 97.9 FM, WFLA 970 AM, and WQYK 1010 AM.

Situational protective actions