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The Eckerd College Library supports the College’s mission and academic programs by providing access to inclusive resources and spaces, teaching library users how to use these resources effectively, creating an environment conducive to learning, and offering individual assistance designed to foster academic success and personal growth. 


Do I need a library card?

Your college ID card is also your library card. You must have your ID with you each time you use the library even if you are only using reserve materials.

You are responsible for all materials borrowed on your ID. To meet this responsibility, do not loan your card to others and check your Patron Record often (see more on Patron record below).

How long can I check books out of the library?

Students, Staff, Alumni, ASPEC, Friends, St. Pete Theological Seminary, and USF students (St. Petersburg and Tampa campuses) may check books out for 30 days with two renewals. However, all books will be due at the end of each semester or term even if it is less than three weeks away. ELS students may check books out for 10 days or until the Wednesday prior to the end of the term whichever is shorter. There are some items in the library that have different loan periods:

  • DVDs – 3 days with no renewal
  • Reference books, journals, magazines, and theses may not leave the library

How many books can I check out at once?

The central mission of the Eckerd College Library is to support the curricular and research needs of Eckerd College Students and faculty. In light of this mission, it is the library’s responsibility to ensure that students and faculty receive priority when it comes to using the resources of the library. It is with this responsibility in mind that the following maximum checkout limitations are placed on non-Eckerd student/faculty borrowers:

  • Alumni: 5 books
  • ASPEC members (not involved in teaching a course): 5 books
  • Friends: 5 books
  • Staff (including ELS and Elderhostel/Senior College Faculty): 30 books
  • ELS students: 3 books
  • USF St. Petersburg and Tampa students: 5 books
  • St. Pete Theological Seminary: 5 books.

Individuals wishing exceptions to these limits must apply to the Collection Management Librarian. Students may have 30 items (including reserve materials) checked out at any one time.

Can I renew my books?

Students, Staff, Alumni, ASPEC, Friends, and USF St. Petersburg and Tampa students may renew an item twice. To renew a book, the book can be brought into the library (you must have your student ID card with you) or you can renew online. The renewal period is for 30 days from the original due date of the item. After the second renewal due date the item must be returned to the library. A recall due date always supersedes the previous due date (see additional information on recalls).

If I fail to return a book by the due date, will I owe a fine?

The library will issue a courtesy overdue notice three days after the due date. As this is well within the grace period, it is intended to help you avoid a fine. However, this is a courtesy, you are responsible for keeping track of your item due dates. A claim that a notice was not received does not constitute justification for failure to return or renew an item before fines are assessed.

Long overdue items are assumed lost. A replacement fee, which will vary depending upon the nature of the material, and a processing fee of $10.00 per item, will be charged to your student account. This is in addition to any applicable overdue fines. The replacement fee is refundable if the item is returned within 100 days of the final due date.

Patrons with excessive unpaid overdue fines or lost book charges may be barred from further borrowing. These privileges may be restored only upon payment of any fees owed or at the discretion of the library staff. Any questions relating to overdue fines should be referred to the Circulation Supervisor.

How can I determine if my books are overdue or if I owe fines?

You can check the status of all your borrowed items from your My Account page in the library catalog. To access the web page click here and then on the MyAccount tab at the top of the page. You will be asked for your student ID number, which appears on the front of your student ID, and your last name. Here you can view how many books you have checked out, when the books are due, and select books to renew.

Fines and fees are billed to your student account. Information is available at the Business Office.

What about fines for reserve books and DVDs?

The fine for reserve materials is $1.00 per hour.  The 10-day grace period does not apply to reserves. It is important to know your due dates/times.

Where do I pay these overdue charges?

All fines will be charged to your student account and will appear on the fee bill you receive from the college. You should not pay any money directly to the library.

Whom should I see if I have a question about fines charged against me or if I have lost a book?

Questions may be directed to the Public Services Supervisor whose desk is located behind the Information Desk in the circulation area. Report lost or damaged books to library staff as soon as possible. You will be charged for the replacement costs and a processing fee for the book. The lost item replacement fee is refundable if the item is returned within 100 days of the final due date.

What if I need a book that is checked out to someone else?

Books identified as “charged” in the catalog are currently checked out to another patron. You may request a recall of the item if it has been in the other patron’s possession for more than 30 days. To request a recall you must click on the “request” button at the top of the catalog search page. You will be prompted for your last name and barcode number from the back of your ID. Selecting RECALL will immediately change the due date of the book. If an item has not been out for 30 days, you may still place a recall to be notified when the book returns.

I received a recall notice, what does it mean?

A recall means that another patron is requesting a book you have borrowed. This is only possible after you have had the book for more than 30 days. A recall immediately changes the due date of that item, nullifying the original due date. There is no grace period for recalled items and the fines accumulate at the rate of $1.00 per day.

My professor assigned readings that are on reserve, where do I find reserve materials?

Reserve materials are books, movies, and articles that professors make available for you to view. Most of the time reserve materials may not leave the library and are checked out for a 2-hour period. All reserve items are located at the Information Desk and can be found by searching the reserve list notebook at the circulation desk or on the electronic catalog. The reserve list is arranged by the professor’s name and the name of the course. It is also helpful to have your syllabus with you to help identify which materials you need.

Can I type/print my papers at the library?

The library Dell computers all have Office 2016 and may be used for word processing. PaperCut is a service used on campus to allow for managed printing. Print requests can be sent from anywhere on campus by logging into PaperCut and using the web print feature and then releasing the job in the library copy room or lab for the actual print. Printing can also be done directly from any of the computers in our library.

Can I borrow books from other local libraries?

Students have borrowing privileges at both the USF St. Petersburg and Tampa campuses. You may borrow up to five books and you MUST show your Eckerd ID card and proof of current registration (a copy of your current class schedule is sufficient). Students will be responsible for meeting all conditions of borrowing at USF, including payment of any fines and fees accumulated. Any such charges should be paid at either USF library. Should you fail to do so, USF will notify us and we will add these charges to your Eckerd student account – with an additional $10.00 fee per item to handle processing and billing costs.

Does the library take donations?

At this time, Eckerd Library is no longer accepting donations from the public due to the time required to evaluate and process items.

Questions concerning donations may be directed to Library Director, Lisa Johnston, by emailing or calling 727-864-8206.


Welcome to the Armacost Library! Our facility, officially dedicated on February 16, 2005, houses both the library operations and Information Technology Services operations. The library boasts 17 group study rooms, a wireless network, 24 hour computer lab, and beautiful water views. So that your library experience may be as comfortable and pleasant as possible, we ask all visitors to please observe a few basic rules:

  • The library is currently only open to members of the Eckerd community until further notice.
  • The entire Library, including the lanai, is a smoke free environment.
  • Neither food nor uncovered/uncapped drinks may be brought into the building.
  • Cell phones should be set on vibrate and lengthy conversations taken outside so as not to disrupt others.
  • Skateboards, roller blades, cleats or any other footwear likely to damage carpets are not permitted inside the building.
  • Shirts are required.
  • No unauthorized signs may be taped, tacked or glued to library windows, walls or doors.
  • Students can reserve any of our seventeen group study rooms on the library home page under STUDY ROOM RESERVATION. Reservations can be made between the hours of 4 P.M. and 1 A.M. Sunday through Thursday but must be placed at least 12 hours in advanced. During all other times rooms are first come, first served with groups taking precedence. You can make a reservation up to two weeks in advance, reserve up to 2 time slots per day, and 6 time slots per week.  Individuals may use any available open room, but groups always take precedence. More information can be found on the Study Rooms page.
  • Library and ITS staff are not responsible for personal belongings left unattended in the Library or Computer Lab. These may be removed and placed in lost and found behind the circulation desk at the discretion of the staff.
  • The Library is dedicated to supporting the academic work of Eckerd College’s students, faculty, and staff.  Library computers are designated for scholarly research. Viewing, downloading, or printing online materials for non-academic reasons that are generally considered offensive is prohibited. Continued behavior of this sort may result in the participant being banned from the Library.
  • Pets or any other animals, besides “service” animals, are not allowed inside the building. “Service animals” are strictly defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Only registered service animals are allowed to accompany students into academic buildings or other non-residential facilities. Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are animals designated on campus as those who help alleviate one or more symptoms of an emotional or mental health disability. ESAs are not allowed to accompany students into academic buildings or other non-residential facilities.
    More information regarding these policies can be found online through the Center for Academic Excellence.
  • Patrons engaging in disruptive or inappropriate behavior may be asked to leave the building. Inappropriate behavior includes violations of the college’s sexual harassment policies and/or violations implicit in the “Shared Commitment” statement.
  • Library guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Collections Policy

The purpose of the Collection Policy is to:

  • Describe the scope and focus of the Library’s collection.
  • Communicate standards and procedures related to the selection and deselection of library materials to the Eckerd College community.
  • Provide direction to library staff and faculty in the processing and development of library collections and resources.
  • Inform our community on library collections and operations. 

Preview the policy below or view the Collections Policy in full.