Dr. Donald R. Eastman III

A Letter from the President of Eckerd College

Welcome to Eckerd!

This is a special place—and not just because of our spectacular mile-long waterfront on Florida’s Gulf Coast. We firmly believe that a liberal arts education—with its emphasis on creativity, imagination and analytic and interpersonal skills—is the best preparation for taking on the world. An Eckerd education is not simply about getting a job when you graduate (though that’s important). It is preparation for a lifetime of meaningful work and purposeful living, of intellectual, spiritual, and professional challenge and achievement.

Eckerd is shaped by certain values—residential, global, spiritual, environmental and personal—that engender thought-provoking, imaginative, compassionate action. The intensity of their combination here, in this place, makes Eckerd unique. We measure our graduates’ success by the contributions they make to build a better world.

We guide our students on a four-year journey of discovery, with small classes, professor-mentors, peer-mentors and a commitment to community service. Our students come from all over the world—from 47 states and territories and 40 countries. We offer study abroad opportunities at more than 100 institutions throughout the world—so many that we have among the highest percentages of students who have studied abroad. Our students also contribute tens of thousands of volunteer hours every year in service to nonprofit groups locally and around the world.

Our students do all these things because they know that the real measure of learning is not grades or awards or even diplomas, excellent as those accomplishments surely are. The real object of education is to equip yourself for service to others.

While our faculty, staff, administrators and alumni are committed to every student’s success, how successful each student is, is up to him or her. We don’t give diplomas at Eckerd. They are earned.

If you have comments and questions, please send your emails to the President’s Office.