John Sullivan

Vice President for Enrollment Management
Franklin Templeton 114
Domestic: Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota, U.S. Virgin Islands
International: Caribbean

Greetings from the beautiful Gulf Coast home of Eckerd College. I work with students from Iowa (my home state) and Minnesota.

Before joining the Eckerd College Office of Admission in August 2004, I graduated from and worked for a private liberal arts college in Iowa. I was born and raised in Iowa and must say I’m enjoying the beautiful sunshine and water that surrounds Eckerd. What a great place to attend college!

One of the best parts of Eckerd’s student body is their uniqueness. Students have done everything from producing award-winning CDs to inventing the Eco-Clamshell takeout container. Eckerd students also are adventurous. This is not the type of school where a group of 15–20 students from one high school come—in a recent class of 650 first-year students, we had students from over 580 different high schools! I truly enjoy having the opportunity to work with students and their families as they make the transition (which at times can seem overwhelming) from high school to college. Hopefully, I can make this process easier for you.

I spend my free time exploring the Tampa Bay area, playing racquetball, biking, reading, and hanging out with friends and family—in which I serve as “favorite uncle” to my 15 nieces and nephews.

I look forward to working with you throughout your college search.

John Sullivan