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Interns, part-time hires, and full-time professionals

We make it easy for employers to find interns, part-time hires, and full-time professionals. Employers are invited to engage with students and alumni through our services and programs at no charge.

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Maddy Gumprecht ’21
Employer Relations and Internships Coordinator

A large group of students listens to a potential employer

Tap into our talent

Attend Networking Nights

At Eckerd, career fairs have evolved into Networking Nights, a series of monthly happy hours that bring employers and students together in a professional and welcoming atmosphere.

These networking events allow students to make lasting connections, discover job and internship opportunities, and practice telling their professional stories.

Post a position

TritonTrack is Eckerd’s online jobs database. Visit to set up your employer account and add position details. If you prefer our Career Center to post a position on your behalf, please email position details to

If your position requires advanced experience and would be most suitable for alumni, please share your position in the our Networking and Career Development LinkedIn Group.

Position types

  • Must be posted by a private business, non-profit, or public agency
  • Work must take place in a professional non-residential setting
  • Labor must be compensated and supervised based on federal, state, and local laws
  • Students must not be charged a fee for participation
  • Must be a professional match for Eckerd
  • Requires a bachelor’s degree
  • Offer competitive compensation and benefits
  • Have a detailed job description
  • Provide opportunities for future growth
  • Typically 10-20 hours a week
  • Follow the state minimum wage requirements
  • Offer flexible scheduling and hours (particularly December – January and June – August when there is limited housing on-campus)
  • Extension of classroom learning
  • Clearly defined learning goals and objectives
  • Provides professional skills and experiences
  • Supervised on-site by subject matter expert
  • Does not require academic credit
  • For unpaid internships: For Profit Guidelines and Non-profit Guidelines (see Volunteer)

Federal Work-Study requires a percentage of students to work in the interest of community service. If you are a non-profit organization and would like to work with FWS students, please contact Maddy Gumprecht ’21, Employer Relations and Internships Coordinator at or 727.864.8258.

Career Contacts

Join a growing list of professionals who are willing to participate in events, interviews, and class discussions. Becoming a Career Contact is the easiest way to share your professional expertise with students and alumni!

Brand Promotion and Awareness

Reserve a table on campus to visit with students, promote your organization, and share available opportunities

Site Visits

Host Eckerd students at your organization for a meeting, luncheon, tour, or shadowing experience. Get students excited about who you are as an organization and what you do

Preparing students for life and career

The value of a liberal arts education

The word “liberal” in this context is about liberating the mind, as we do here at Eckerd College. Discover how liberal arts colleges transform the lives of undergraduate students and prepare them for their careers.