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3+3 Accelerated FSU Law degree program

The 3+3 Accelerated Law Program provides the opportunity to qualified Eckerd students with a commitment to academic excellence to seamlessly pursue a rigorous academic program including the completion of an Eckerd B.A. or B.S. degree and a Florida State University College of Law (Florida State Law) J.D. degree in six rather than the normal seven years. Students in the program will complete their first three years of study at Eckerd including the completion of general education and major requirements and the fourth year in residence at Florida State Law as part of the first year of law school for the final nine Eckerd course equivalents (30 semester hours). Students are required to complete the following requirements of Eckerd College:

  • Students must successfully complete all degree requirements as indicated in the Eckerd College catalog that is current at the time of their first registration in an Eckerd course (as long as the student remains continuously enrolled) with the exception of the number of courses and short terms. Students in the 3+3 Accelerated Law Program are required to complete a minimum of 24 courses plus an Autumn Term course in the freshman year and a Winter Term project in each of the subsequent two years.

  • Students must complete all the requirements for an Eckerd College major. There are no restrictions on the particular B.A. or B.S. degree for this program, but it may not be possible to complete some majors in three years.

Upon completion of the above and a successful application to the Florida State University College of Law, a student will follow the usual prescribed course of study for full-time, first-year law students. Upon successful completion of the first year of law school with grades comparable to a C- or better (grades of Satisfactory are acceptable), 9 law courses (30 semester hours) will be counted toward the undergraduate degree, sufficient to complete Eckerd's requirements for the bachelor's degree, and the baccalaureate degree will be awarded by Eckerd College. The student's GPA will be based on Eckerd courses only. The Juris Doctor degree will be awarded by Florida State University College of Law upon successful completion of all other J.D. requirements.

Students who meet the following criteria shall be eligible to apply to participate in the 3+3 Accelerated Law Program as early as the student's first semester of the sophomore year:

  • Sophomore status
  • Successful completion of a minimum of four Eckerd courses with a GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • Declaration of a major which can be completed by the end of the junior year
  • Presentation of a plan to complete all Eckerd degree requirements (other than total number of courses needed) by the end of the junior year

Students meeting the criteria above will be eligible for preferred status in the applicant pool for Florida State Law's annual Summer for Undergraduates Program.

Admission to the law program is highly competitive. Students meeting the above criteria will be eligible for priority review for early admission to Florida State Law in the student's junior year. Florida State Law does not guarantee admission. Each student must meet the admission standards in place at the time of application. To be considered, students must:

  • Take the LSAT prior to or during their junior year
  • Apply for admission to Florida State Law between September 1 and April 1 of the student's junior year or as otherwise established by Florida State Law
  • Meet Florida State Law requirements for moral fitness and character as set out in its admissions application

Students not accepted by Florida State Law may complete a fourth year at Eckerd and fulfill their remaining requirements for graduation from Eckerd with a bachelor's degree and may elect to reapply for regular (not early) admission to Florida State Law.

Enrollment of admitted s
tudents to Florida State Law will be contingent upon the student's completion of all Eckerd baccalaureate program requirements with the exception of the final year of courses which will be completed at Florida State Law. Admitted students must:

  • Satisfy all bachelor's degree graduation requirements necessary to ensure conferral of the undergraduate degree by Eckerd College upon completion of the first year of law school. This includes the successful completion of a least 27 Eckerd course equivalents 18 of which must be completed in residence at Eckerd.
  • Fulfill all major and graduation requirements (other than total number of courses needed) by the end of their junior year.
  • Pay the same tuition and fees to the law school as do other first-year students. The 3+3 Accelerated Law Program students admitted to Florida State Law will be considered for merit and need-based scholarships along with other admitted students. Students interested in scholarships should work through Florida State Law.

    The program is designed for an academically qualified student who is willing to work hard. The keys to success are being well qualified on entering, making timely decisions on an Eckerd College major, and obtaining early advice from the Program Coordinator.