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An invitation to pray for Ally Willen

By Tom Scherberger
Published April 27, 2015
Categories: Students
The following message was released today to the Eckerd Community:
I want to inform you about a difficult situation we’re currently facing.
Most of you know our friend, Ally Willen.  Ally has been studying abroad in New Zealand this semester and taking in all the wonders and marvels that country has to offer. On Thursday she and a number of other students from the university where she has been studying began a three-day hike.  On the second day, the weather turned bad and Ally became separated from the group. The NZ police initiated a search but have not yet found her.
I am asking all of you to please pray for Ally’s safe return, and send positive thoughts her way.  She is an amazing person, level headed and smart. She’s also an experienced hiker and knows the outdoors very well. I’m holding out hope that she found shelter from the weather and will be located by the many police and local volunteers searching for her.

Thank You,
Rabbi Ed Rosenthal