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Thoughtful, reflexive, ethical, and effective communication

Liberally educated women and men need to be effective oral communicators. Consistent with this goal, The Rahall Communication Resource Center strives to help Eckerd College students develop the skills necessary for thoughtful, reflexive, ethical, and effective communication.

The staff of the Rahall Center helps students from all disciplines improve their oral communication proficiency. We assist with managing communication apprehension, initial brainstorming, outlining, media support and rehearsals. The staff also offers digital video recording and assistance with presentation software design and enhancements.

It is the Rahall Center’s goal to help all students become better communicators.

The Rahall Communication Resource Center is available to assist with preparation for any oral communication assignment.

We provide instructive feedback through video recordings and personal consultations for presentations and discussions. We’re open 30 hours each week and staffed by peer tutors ready to help.