Stock Transfers

Instructions for Charitable Gifts of Marketable Securities

Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure there is no delay in making your gift. The method of transfer depends on whether the security is held in street name by a broker or held/registered in the donor’s name.

Security Is Held in Street Name by a Broker

  1. Instruct the donor’s broker to transfer the stock or bond to the following brokerage account with Charles Schwab (1-877-681-2200):Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
    DTC Clearing #0164, Code 40
    To Account Name: Eckerd College Trading
    Account # 3054-7513
    Eckerd College Tax ID # 59-0859121
  2. Notify the College of the pending transfer by sending an email to or calling 727-864-8222 with the name of your broker, a description of the stock, and any applicable restrictions.

Security Is Held or Registered in the Donor’s Name

  1. Prepare two envelopes for registered or certified mail to the following address:Eckerd College, Office of Advancement
    4200 54th Avenue South
    St. Petersburg, Florida 33711-4744
  2. In the first envelope, include the unsigned certificate(s) along with a cover letter describing the purpose of the gift.
  3. In the second envelope, include a stock or bond power that has been properly signed and guaranteed. The name(s) on this document must exactly match the name(s) on the certificate(s) in the first envelope.
  4. Mail both envelopes using registered or certified mail. The gift is complete as of the postmark date.
  5. Notify the College of the pending transfer by sending an email to or calling 727.864.8222.

Please note that the College cannot determine the value of your gift for tax purposes, as it involves information unavailable to the College. Please consult your broker or tax advisor for more information.

Questions or notice of a pending gift should be directed to Jessica Dalrymple, director of advancement services, at 727.864.8257 or