Turning a liberal arts education into meaningful employment

Each student is on a unique professional journey, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. From Autumn Term to life after graduation, see how we can help.

In Their Own Words

Chelsey Gaston ’15
Majors: Creative Writing and Political Science
Hometown: Seminole, FL

With the help of Career Services, she refined her resume for an opening she found at Raymond James Financial, and was thrilled when they offered her an internship as a copywriter. Two weeks after graduating, Chelsey went to work full-time with the company.

“I’m really grateful for my colleagues’ encouragement and the chance to fulfill what I thought might be an impossible dream–writing for a living. Put yourself out there and look for opportunities even before you feel ready. It’s been difficult to balance the two lives, but if I hadn’t taken the extra step to make that work my future would be a lot less bright.”

Chelsey Gaston '15