East Asian Studies offers an integrated, interdisciplinary introduction to the history, humanities, and contemporary societies of East Asia. It guides students to discover this important part of the world and to develop the skills to approach it intelligently and confidently. Eckerd College offers Chinese and Japanese language on campus up to the advanced level, a broad variety of discipline-based courses, and study abroad programs in Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Korea on short-term, semester, and year-long formats.

The major in East Asian Studies is appropriate for students who anticipate careers in business, government, or diplomacy with an international focus; graduate work in international and immigration law, international business administration, or cross-cultural and social studies education; or advanced scholarship in area studies or comparative fields in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

The major requires:

  • Five semesters of Chinese or Japanese language (or equivalent proficiency)
  • A core course, EA 201G East Asian Traditions
  • Six courses on East Asia, at least two each from groups A and B below, with at least two at the 300-level or above
  • Study abroad in East Asia (a language immersion program of at least a semester's duration is strongly recommended)
  • Senior comprehensive seminar and examination (EA 498) in the fall of the junior or senior year, as appropriate.

The minor requires two semesters of Chinese or Japanese language; EA 201G; and three other courses on East Asia, at least one each from group A and group B.

A: East Asian Humanities

  • AH 221A Arts of Japan
  • AH 203A Arts of the Silk Road
  • CN 208G Gender and Sexuality in Asian Literature
  • CN 228G Chinese Martial Arts in Literature and Film
  • CN 268A Love and Justice in Chinese Theater
  • CN 366G East Meets West: Chinese Cinema
  • CN 301H Hero and Anti-Heroes in Chinese Literature
  • PL 103G Introduction to Eastern Philosophy
  • RE 220G: Engaged Buddhism
  • RE 234H The Goddess in Asia
  • RE 240G Religion, Power, and Difference

B: Contemporary East Asian Societies

  • CN 288G Chinese Pop Culture
  • EA 210G East Asian Traditions
  • EA 316G Asian Environmental Issues
  • JA 210G Japanese Literature: Love & Revenge
  • JA 307G Modern Japanese Literature: Self & Society
  • PO 230G East Asian Comparative Politics
  • PO 333 Japan: Government, Politics, and Foreign Policy
  • PO 335S Government and Politics of China
  • PO 336S East Asian International Relations

New courses which fulfill these requirements may be developed periodically. In addition, requirements can also be fulfilled by courses taken while studying abroad, advanced language courses, and some Winter Term offerings.