EA 201G: East Asian Traditions
A survey of the history and culture of East Asian societies up to about 1700 CE; the evolution of political and social structures; readings in major works and traditions of philosophy, poetry, and fiction.

EA 210G: East Asia: Nationalism and Revolution
Studies the social history of nationalist, fascist, and communist movements in 19th and 20th-century China, Korea, and Japan, based on recent scholarly research, historical documents, literature, and art.

EA 300H: Classical Chinese
Introduction to the basic grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of Classical Chinese; readings of excerpts from original texts in early history and philosophy such as the Confucian Analects and Daoist fables. Prerequisite: CN 202.

EA 316E: Asian Environmental Issues
A vigorously interdisciplinary survey of major environmental issues in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia addressing both cultural background and scientific and policy dimensions.

EA 498: Senior Seminar & Comprehensive Exam
Readings in key ideas in East Asian Studies, such as East/West dichotomies, Orientalism, and nationalism, and cultural politics in China and Japan. Includes a language proficiency exam in Chinese or Japanese.

EA 499: Senior Project