EA 201G: East Asian Traditions
A survey of the history and culture of East Asian societies up to about 1700 CE; the evolution of political and social structures; readings in major works and traditions of philosophy, poetry, and fiction.

EA 204G: Japanese Popular Culture
We will explore Japanese culture through its anime, manga, and more. Incorporating students? suggestions, we will read and view items from throughout the twentieth century to appreciate and analyze Japan's contribution to world culture.

EA 210G: East Asia: Nationalism and Revolution
Studies the social history of nationalist, fascist, and communist movements in 19th and 20th-century China, Korea, and Japan, based on recent scholarly research, historical documents, literature, and art.

EA 300H: Classical Chinese
Introduction to the basic grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of Classical Chinese; readings of excerpts from original texts in early history and philosophy such as the Confucian Analects and Daoist fables. Prerequisite: CN 202.

EA 305: Lives of Chinese Sages
Studies the ideals of sagehood and supernatural power in Chinese tradition, primarily from classical, Daoist, and Chan (Zen) Buddhist perspectives. Emphasis on biographies of Chinese sages, their writings, philosophy, and poetry. Prerequisite: EA 201G or PL 103G.

EA 310G: Modern China
China since 1800, including the response to Western and Japanese imperialism, the Communist Revolution and Mao's China, and reforms in the post-Mao era. Focus on political and social history and the lived experience of individual Chinese.

EA 311G: Modern Japan
Japan since 1800, including crisis of Tokugawa Japan, Meiji restoration and reform, success of Imperial Japan, Pearl Harbor and World War II, the A-Bomb and American Occupation, and post-war economic growth and social and political challenges.

EA 312G: History of Southeast Asia
A survey of the pre-history of Southeast Asian peoples, the formation of early kingdoms, the social and economic context of commercial life, the impact of European colonialism, the development of nationalist consciousness, and contemporary challenges.

EA 313G: Modern Korea
This course will cover the dynamics that have driven Korean history from the medieval period to the present, with a focus on the modern ear and how the two Koreas influence the world today.

EA 316E: Asian Environmental Issues
A vigorously interdisciplinary survey of major environmental issues in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia addressing both cultural background and scientific and policy dimensions. Part of the Asia & the Environment Initiative; admission by application only.

EA 498: Senior Seminar & Comprehensive Exam
Readings in key ideas in East Asian Studies, such as East/West dichotomies, Orientalism, and nationalism, and cultural politics in China and Japan. Includes a language proficiency exam in Chinese or Japanese.

EA 499: Senior Project