Integration of people in a common venture

Every organization is comprised of people with different skills and knowledge

The Management program at Eckerd College offers students the unique opportunity to learn the art, the science and the craft of the discipline while gaining a liberal arts education. Because it deals with the integration of people in a common venture, it is deeply embedded in culture. Every organization is comprised of people with different skills and knowledge. It is the manager’s job to enable both the organization and each of its members to grow and develop as needs and opportunities change. Finally, neither the quantity of output nor the bottom line is by itself an adequate measure of the performance of the manager and the organization.

The Management discipline consists of two majors: Management and Business Administration. Each is geared to the needs of both the student and society. The Management Major provides the student with skills which can be utilized in any organization, be it for-profit, government or in the social sector. The business administration degree is geared to the student who wants to pursue a career within a for-profit corporate organization and/or a Masters in Business Administration.

Students learn to understand both the people aspects of dealing in business world, such as organizational theories and leadership, while also earning a firm grasp on quantitative concepts and decision sciences. Additionally, experiential learning and internships with various local and national organizations allows the Eckerd student an opportunity to practice the craft of management. Both programs incorporate technology throughout all courses, as demonstrated in the Management Information Systems course and other electives.

Eckerd as a community has a strong emphasis on service learning and the Management Discipline truly applies this by including a service learning community service project as part of the introductory course, Principles of Management and Leadership. The faculty members all have experience in the business world that gives students great insight, which pairs well with the endless opportunities for internships. Our location in Tampa Bay offers access to national banks, corporate headquarters, three professional athletic teams, two major theme parks, and many other opportunities to intern.

Combined, management majors and business administration majors comprise the one of the largest programs of study at Eckerd College, providing many opportunities to interact with students of different perspectives. The department is continuing to grow and foster opportunities for learning and interning abroad. The most recently updated and revised edition of the Fiske Guide to Colleges 2013 recognized Eckerd College as one of two Florida schools with strength in Business. With all of these opportunities and more on the horizon, Eckerd College is a great place to study management and business administration, while integrating the liberal arts philosophy.