2024 Spring Break Projects

If you are in a spring Reflective Service Learning course you must get prior approval from your professor in order for these trips to count towards your RSL course. Space is limited.
Alt spring break photos: 2024, 2019, 2018

Academic Service Learning

Academic service learning is any carefully monitored service experience in which students have intentional learning goals and reflect actively on what they are learning throughout the experience. Service Learning programs emphasize the completion of tasks that address community or global issues and include features that foster participants’ learning about larger social issues and an understanding of the reciprocal learning and service that can occur
between students and community members.

An increasingly legitimized pedagogy and research method, academic service learning helps students become involved in the course material while enabling them to apply theory. Seamlessly integrated into nearly any discipline, service learning encourages students to become collaborative learners with their professor.

Tech Time: Eckerd students provide residents of Westminser Suncoast retirement community one-on-one guidance on technology as part of a Reflective Service Learning project.

Environmental Service

Eckerd is committed to caring for the environment. The Office of Service Learning promotes students’ collaboration with faculty, nonprofit organizations, food service networks, local schools and other agencies to support environmental engagement. Numerous opportunities are available to protect and conserve the Tampa Bay area’s fragile environment, and Eckerd students are an important part of this initiative.

Students have been able to volunteer in many ways—from clean-up projects to advocacy education to animal shelters.