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Regarded as the first inhabitant of Florida Presbyterian/ Eckerd College’s campus, the fiddler crab is a symbol of strong foundations and new beginnings.

The Founding Class of 1964 was the first to receive a fiddler crab pin to mark them as members of a select and history-making community. The fiddler crab aspect of our logo represents the strong foundation you built during your time at Eckerd and marks you as a lifelong member of the Eckerd College community. Every glimpse of a fiddler crab is a reminder of the people and place that prepared you to be a global citizen with the ability to impact your community and the world.

We hope to connect with all alumni in one way or another! Regardless of your availability, location, interests, skills and age, we have a place for you.

Stay in the know

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Networking Opportunities

Become a Career Contact

Make a networking profile based on your professional knowledge/expertise in TritonTrack, Eckerd’s online jobs database and career services tool. Students will be able to find your profile and may contact you for assistance. Your participation could be as easy as answering a few questions through email or as in-depth as job shadowing or presenting to classes. It’s up to you how involved you’d like to be. Students will benefit greatly from any time and expertise that you can devote toward their success! To participate:

  • Create a career contact account in TritonTrack.
  • Our Career Services Office will approve the account.
  • Log back in and select Network Profile: Professional Network: My Profile.
  • Complete your profile and submit.

Join In

Take part in our Eckerd College Networking and Career Development group on LinkedIn to chat with Eckerd students, share your career updates and find potential employees/employers.

Help organize alumni events in your city.

Though Eckerd alumni live all around the world, many reside close to other alumni without realizing it. Help us build connections among alumni by planning a gathering near you. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Anjum Perfetti-Reid, director of alumni engagement, who will assist you with the process.

Student biking with dog along South Beach

Leadership Opportunities

Alumni Leadership Program

The Alumni Leadership Program (ALP) is a yearlong program that provides committed alumni with demonstrated interests and connections an opportunity to learn more about deepening their engagement with their alma mater.

As a member of ALP, you will:

  • gain a better understanding of the inner workings of Eckerd and the role alumni play in the success of a college;
  • represent and give voice to Eckerd College;
  • serve as a volunteer leader in building the Eckerd Alumni Network across regions, class years and affinities; and
  • build meaningful relationships that benefit current and future alumni.

If you are interested in participating in the program, please contact Anjum Perfetti-Reid.

National Advisory Council

Established in 2010, the Eckerd College National Advisory Council (NAC) is a group of committed Eckerd alumni, parents and friends with demonstrated professional success who serve the College in the capacity of advocates and advisers. View our current NAC roster.

The purpose of the National Advisory Council is twofold: 1) to represent and give voice to Eckerd College in businesses, communities and organizations across the country; and 2) to identify emerging issues of concern or areas for potential growth at the College.

Parent Council

If you are the parent of an Eckerd student, be sure to check out the Parent Council!

Lifelong Learning

Enroll in OLLI

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Eckerd College offers life-enriching experiences for adult learners. This nonprofit education program ranges from one-session lectures to intellectually stimulating multisession courses, from day trips to multiday international tours.


The Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College (ASPEC) is a continuing education organization whose members come from diverse backgrounds but share a common belief that lifelong learning is a great way to engage the intellect for the pure joy of learning and to develop new friends and lasting relationships.

Eckerd alumni are exempt from paying initiation fees. If you are interested in learning more, please call 727.864.8834.

Participate in Triton Travels

Eckerd is ranked No. 2 among U.S. colleges for short-term study abroad by the Institute for International Education. Why should that stop after graduation? Travel abroad with your fellow alumni to various destinations for an educational, cultural and social experience.

Volunteer Opportunities

Help Organize Your Next Class Reunion

The most successful reunions start with you! If you are in a reunion year (every five years from your graduation year), we would love for you to help us spread the word to your classmates.

Help Recruit Students

Write a letter to a prospective student about your Eckerd experience, assist the Office of Admission with receptions it hosts in your city, or refer a current high school student to Eckerd. Your perspective provides invaluable insights for students considering Eckerd.

Assist with Move-In Day

Autumn Term is a special time for first-year students to meet their peers and acclimate to college. The first day can be nerve-racking. You can ease student stress by helping unpack cars, move items into dorms and provide a reassuring word that your Eckerd experience was life changing.

Giving Opportunities

Become an Eckerd Giver

We hope you will consider giving back to Eckerd today. Gifts of all sizes, shapes and forms truly make a difference and lay the foundation for the success of current and future students.

Have another idea?

Please share it with us! To engage with Eckerd in any way or schedule a campus tour, reach out to Anjum Perfetti-Reid, director of alumni engagement, at or 727.864.8287.

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