Services Provided in a Personal Setting

High-quality counseling, consultative, and support services for Eckerd College students that promote personal growth

Counseling Services provides:

  • Short-term individual and group counseling services
  • Consultation and referrals to local mental health practitioners for Eckerd community members
  • Self-help resources including smartphone apps to promote mental wellness and academic success
  • Workshops to enhance personal and academic success for Eckerd residential students

Whether you are looking for individual counseling, help for a friend, colleague, or student with emotional concerns, a workshop or presentation on a wellness-related topic, or information on psychological disorders, we offer an atmosphere where your concerns and questions can be discussed freely and confidentially. We provide much more than just individual counseling.

A therapist can often help you to understand yourself better, gain insight into your decisions, improve your self-image, enhance your personal relationships, and help you to learn how to make new choices for more effective living. Workshops and presentations provide information on wellness-related issues, and tips for time management and study skills that help improve your chances of success at Eckerd.

We are interested in your personal, intellectual, and psychological growth and development.

Counseling services are provided in a confidential manner. Information about you and your status as a client of Counseling Services remains private and confidential in accordance with ethical and legal standards.

Hours & Appointments

Your initial contact with a counselor will be brief, approximately 15-20 minutes, to review your current need for treatment and how we can best help you as quickly as possible.  Follow-up counseling sessions last approximately 50 minutes.  Students in crisis are seen as quickly as possible – call 727-864-8248.

If you experience a mental health emergency after hours, contact Campus Safety and Security at 727-864-8260 or your Resident Advisor. Ask to speak with the counselor on-call.

8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. during regular term and semester hours.

8 a.m. – 4 p.m. during summer term and summer recess.


You may call to schedule an appointment anytime during our regular office hours


Counseling services are provided free of charge to all full-time students currently enrolled in credit courses at Eckerd College. Consultation services, including workshops and health education services, are available to student organizations, Eckerd faculty and staff.

Services are provided to full-time students on a voluntary basis and are completely confidential. That is, no information will be given to anyone without your written permission. You do not need to be referred by anyone to benefit from the services of the Counseling Center.


Individual, Couple, and Group Counseling
Counseling Services provides short-term individual, couple and group treatment to manage current concerns and distress.  Most students are seen for six or fewer individual sessions. Counseling sessions are scheduled according to a plan developed by you and your therapist.

Urgent and Emergency Counseling
Students experiencing distressing or emergency situations are seen by Counseling Services or Outreach Services staff as quickly as possible. Students may come to Counseling Services during regular business hours if they are in distress. After hours, the counselor on-call may be contacted by calling Campus Safety at 727-864-8260. A counselor is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Group Counseling
The counseling center is pleased to offer group therapy services to Eckerd residential students. Each semester Counseling Services will offer at least two counseling groups for students currently registered in the residential program. Starting dates for the groups will vary. Confidentiality in group is strictly respected. If you would like to know more about group therapy, request a specific type of group, or join one of our groups please visit Counseling Services in Edmundson Hall or call 727-864-8248.

What is Group Therapy?

Most people may have ideas about group counseling or wonder what really happens in a therapy group. Group counseling focuses on developing insight and changing behavior. Group approaches to personal growth are frequently the most effective way to explore and support changes you may wish to make in your life. Through these formats, you can gain specific skills and strategies to meet personal goals, explore areas that present personal challenges, and gain support and encouragement from others.

Typically, four to ten clients form a group with one or two experienced group therapists. Most therapy groups meet every week at the same time for 1.5 hours a week. Before you join a group, a “group screening” with the group counselor is scheduled. This provides you the opportunity to get to know the group leader and ask questions about the group. During the group time, the members of the group discuss the issues that are concerning them and offer each other support and feedback. Interpersonal interaction is highly valued and encouraged.

Health Promotion Programming & Consultation
Eckerd’s Director of Outreach Services & Health Promotion, Makenzie Schieman, provides a variety of services tailored to individuals and groups. Individual consultations are available on issues ranging from smoking cessation to nutrition and exercise. Group services are provided to students in residence halls or student groups. Campus-wide health initiatives include an annual health fair, health screening days, and the Don’t Cancel That Class campaign (encouraging faculty to schedule presentations on a variety of health and wellness topics specific to the needs of college students rather than cancelling a class).

Counseling Services staff provides consultation services to faculty, staff and student organizations needing specialized training in psychological issues, wellness-related topics, or conflict resolution. Topical presentations are available on a variety of psychological concerns.

Substance Abuse Assessment & Counseling
Counseling Services provides substance abuse assessment and counseling services to residential students at no charge. Assessment and treatment services are provided to students referred by the Office of Community Standards, but do not take the place of treatment services that may be ordered by law enforcement outside the College.

Academic Coaching
Just like a coach in any sport, the academic coach’s goal is to help students perform at their best. Improving study strategies that correspond to learning styles, suggesting positive enhancements to study habits, and staying organized enhances academic success and performance. Academic Coaching services are custom-made to the needs of each student to help reach educational potential and personal goals. The service offers structure and accountability to assist with academic success and support retention for students who are in academic difficulty, and to those who want to improve their academic performance or tune up their organizational, time management, and study skills. Learn more about our academic coaching services here.