Practicum Training Program

Training philosophy

Counseling Services is committed to the growth and development of new professionals in clinical and counseling psychology. Practicum students are integral members of the clinical team, providing vital services to Eckerd students in a collaborative and team-oriented environment, helping advance the mission of the department. The professional staff has a diverse set of theoretical approaches, including psychodynamic, interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, solutions-focused and systems theory. Since each person and group is unique, so are the skills required to meet their needs. Psychological theory is not static or one-size-fits-all; meaningful change is accomplished through an integration of views and perspectives brought together for the benefit of those wanting to experience something different in their lives.

Behavioral health services include more than just individual psychotherapy, and Counseling Services’ training philosophy extends to other modalities. We strive to train developing mental health professionals in varying interventions that support human development. To that end, practicum students provide a wide range of services to the Eckerd community, including intake assessments, individual and group psychotherapy, crisis intervention, trainings and workshops/presentations.

Consistent, quality supervision is essential to professional development. In individual supervision, practicum students are expected to explore both the application of psychological concepts, and their own process of growth and development. Becoming a competent mental health professional is more than just acquiring skills; it requires a holistic integration of abilities that includes personal competencies, ethics and professional behavior that produce individuals with integrity and compassion.

Training affiliation

Eckerd College Counseling Services maintains an association with the Clinical Psychology Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) program at The Florida School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University (FSPP) in Tampa, and adheres to the Florida School of Professional Psychology Clinical Training Manual in working with practicum students. FSPP is an APA accredited program.

Prospective practicum students from other programs and institutions should contact the Director of Counseling Services for information on applying for practicum training.