FR 101: Elementary French I
Introduction to French for students with little or no training in the language. Three classes per week; intensive practice in speaking, listening, reading, writing, with additional focus on cultural understanding.

FR 102: Elementary French II
2nd semester of FR 101; completes General Education language requirement. Prerequisite: FR 101.

FR 201: Intermediate French I
Sequel to FR 101-102, or for students with more than three years of study in high school. Grammar review and practice in all four skill areas develop broad language skills. Strong focus on cultural communication. Prerequisite: FR 102 or three or more years of high school French.

FR 202: Intermediate French II
2nd semester of Intermediate French. Prerequisite: FR 201.

FR 250: French Cinema (in English)
Explore one of the world's most dynamic and influential film cultures. Study the evolution of French cinema from the late 19th century through contemporary practice, while being attentive to both technical innovation and cultural dynamics. Taught in English.

FR 301H: Composition and Conversation I
The first course in the third-year sequence will focus on developing oral and written expression in French. Readings will be in a wide variety of genres in order to broaden students' competence in cultural communication. Prerequisite: FR 202.

FR 302H: Composition and Conversation II
Second semester of Composition and Conversation. Primary focus on written expression in French. Prerequisite: FR 301H.

FR 307H: Literature and Film in Postwar France
Literature, cinema, and cultural issues in France from World War II to present. Existentialism, formalism, New Novel, New Wave and the return of history in the '70s and '80s. Prerequisite: FR 302H or equivalent.

FR 342H: French Feminism, Everyday Life
This course examines French feminist theory in translation from the Enlightenment to postmodernism and applies that theory to the fictional or real lives of women through literary works, film, and service. ALL COURSE TEXTS IN ENGLISH.

FR 370G: The Francophone World
Cultural history, literature and cinema of French-speaking regions. Focus on colonial war, Islam, the Negritude movement, the globalization of French. Prerequisite: FR 302H. Simultaneous enrollment in FR302H is also acceptable.

FR 380H: Introduction to French Culture and History
Historical overview of French history and culture from medieval period through twentieth century. Literature, painting, science in historical context. Prerequisite: FR 302H or equivalent.

FR 400: Topics in French Culture
Various aspects of French culture and history through literature, film and art. Prerequisite: FR 302H or equivalent.

FR 404: Themes In French Literature
Study and analysis of particular questions, schools or motifs in the history of French literature. Prerequisite: FR 302H or equivalent.

FR 406: French Theatre on Stage
Reading, recitation and performance of passages and plays in order to improve oral communication and cultural skills. Prerequisite: FR 302H or equivalent.

FR 407: La Bande Dessinee Francophone
Explore the rich tradition of the French language graphic novel from twentieth-century classics to the contemporary bande dessinee, with a special focus on women and the immigrant experience. Prerequisite: FR 302H or instructor permission.

FR 410: Senior Seminar/French Studies
Readings and discussion of selected topics. Prerequisite: One course above FR 302H.

FR 450: French Cinema
Evolution of French cinema, technical innovation and cultural dynamics. Focus on movements, individual directors, writers and performers. Prerequisite: FR 302H or equivalent.

FR 491: Internship

FR 498: Comprehensive Examination

FR 499: Senior Thesis