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Toward gender justice and diversity

To fix a problem related to gender or sexuality, you first have to understand it

From the moment a child is born, society has plans for him or her. Eckerd’s Women’s and Gender Studies major explores views of gender and sexuality, including how they contribute to problems like domestic violence, workplace discrimination and the unequal division of labor in the home. Our Women’s and Gender Studies grads have won Fulbright Scholarships, worked for the United Nations and become educators, lawyers and activists for gender justice.


Amazing variety of choices

Although Eckerd is a small college, our Women’s and Gender Studies program offers as many courses as bigger institutions like Yale University.

An inclusive setting

The College is set in Saint Petersburg, Florida, a gender-inclusive and LGBTQ+-friendly city.

The Women’s Resource Center

The on-campus Women’s Resource Center sponsors events that encourage community understanding of gender issues, from the local to the global level.

Eckerd College Women's and Gender Studies student, Shelby Hall

In Their Own Words

“I found the interdisciplinary nature of the Women’s and Gender Studies major to be formative. Examining issues from multiple perspectives and becoming acquainted with several methodologies helped sharpen my critical thinking skills.”
Shelby Hall, Class of 2016, Graduate Student at Emory University

Beyond the Classroom

Want to really understand people’s lived realities as they relate to gender and sexuality? At Eckerd College in Florida, you can do your own research under the guidance of a Women’s & Gender Studies professor—or join a professor’s research team.

For example, Dr. Lisa Miller enlists students to collect and analyze interview data for projects that:

  • Examine how women’s intimate relationships change as they age
  • Ask older (55+) lesbian, gay, and bisexual people about their experiences, including how their lives have unfolded over time

You’ll even have a shot at presenting your work at a national conference, a feather for anyone headed to grad school.

Women’s and Gender Studies students who are accepted into the Ford Apprentice Scholar program research, write and present an original paper on a topic of their choice. Recent topics include:

  • Sexism in reproductive health
  • Shining a light on the adversities female professors face
  • Reimagining liberal arts ideals through gender studies

Mark Tluszcz ’89, now chairman of Wix and the original investor in Skype, was a Ford Scholar at Eckerd College.

All students are asked to take at least one designated Reflective Service Learning course, which includes at least 20 hours of service, before graduation, either on campus or internationally.

Service Pics on Flickr

We offer more than 300 study abroad destinations every year, including three-week study trips between semesters and alternative spring break service projects in Mexico, Guyana, Iceland, Panama and Cuba.

Popular classes

Sex and Society

This class is a deep dive into how society shapes our sexual behaviors, desires and identities. Topics include LGBT issues, hook-up culture, kink, intersectionality, schools, the law, the media and sex work.

Feminisms and Gender Theory

Here you’ll study gender as an agent of culture, and how it’s often used to express and assign (or withhold) power. Topics range from various waves of intercultural feminist thought to contemporary gender theory, and emerging intersectional feminism.

Women's and Gender Studies students study outside in Florida


What can I do with a Women’s and Gender Studies degree?

  • Advertising copywriter
  • Community educator
  • Counselor
  • Creative writer
  • Dentist
  • District attorney
  • Fundraiser
  • Higher education administration
  • Human resources  officer
  • Journalist
  • Legal aid
  • Medical assistant
  • Nonprofit program manager
  • Nurse
  • Obstetrics & gynecology doctor
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physical therapist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Public interest lawyer
  • Researcher
  • Social worker
  • Teacher
  • Union organizer

Where our Women’s and Gender Studies majors go to graduate school

  • Boston College
  • Columbia University
  • Emory University
  • Salem State University
  • Santa Fe College
  • Sarah Lawrence College
  • University of South Florida
  • University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Yale University

Where our Women’s and Gender Studies majors go to work

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