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Grant expands collection of remembrances for COVID time capsule

By Tom Zucco
Published February 3, 2022
Categories: Academics, Ancient Studies, Community Engagement, Research

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics Michael Goyette, Ph.D., tasked students in his New Diseases in History and Literature class with bringing in objects that summarized their unique pandemic experiences.

From a homemade cement weight to a pack of Wite-Out® tape, students submitted items to what is now Eckerd College’s Covid Time Capsule.

With $2,000 from Florida Humanities’ Community Project Grants, Professor Goyette is now turning to the St. Petersburg community for input—in hopes of documenting memories and reflecting on the pandemic’s impact on us all.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit

Michael Goyette, Ph.D.